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Everlast Powerarc 160sth Reviews

Everlast Powerarc 160sth
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Review Summary:

Everlast Powerarc 160sth is a small as well as excellent welding machine produced by Everlast Powerarc Corporation.

Everlast Powerarc 160sth is a small as well as excellent welding machine produced by Everlast Powerarc Corporation. For house, shop or even general objective welding requirements, this small welder has ample capability to complete the job. With each stick as well as TIG welding capacity, the sleek DC power of the inverter device is impressive in comparison with older weightier transformer AC/DC stay welders available on the market. The device offers dependable High Rate of recurrence start, and raise TIG arc begin function whenever HF isn’t ideal or even not allowed.

Everlast Powerarc 160sth Description:

The provides a balanced welding bundle, with each Stick as well as DC TIG capacity. As the 160 amp stay welder, the actual welder is actually light as well as portable, well suited for making maintenance and performing daily welding chores round the shop. The IGBT inverter design from the Powerarc 160STH supplies a stable arc, along with auto adaptive Warm Start, and car adaptive arc pressure control which is ideal for welding along with 1/8″ electrodes while offering excellent overall performance with E6011, E6013, E7014, E7018, as well as E7024. Whether it’s needed, the actual PowerARC 160STH offers excellent fundamental DC TIG capacity. Besides this device is as like as the best miller mig welder.

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Everlast Powerarc 160sth reviews ■ Stable, sleek DC arc
■ Digital show for exact current environment
■ Low power consumption
■ Complete Stick/TIG welding bundle with have case
■ Easy car adaptive warm start with regard to improved arc impressive
■ Auto-regulated arc pressure control
■ 120V/240V Twin Voltage
■ Optional feet pedal with regard to TIG
■ Adjustable publish flow manage for TIG
■ 10-160 amps working range (240V)


Series: Everlast Powerarc 160sth

Color: Green

Welding Type: Stick/TIG welding package with carry case

Amperage range: 10-160 amps

Setting with Digital display

120V/240V Dual Voltage

Product Dimensions: 20 x 12.5 x 13.5 inches

Pros of the product:

  • Portable along with plastic have case as well as an within the shoulder transporting strap
  • DINSE design connectors with regard to easy link
  • Simple to use
  • 7 pin number control link for feet pedal or even trigger procedure
  • Professional capacity with 35% duty cycle
  • Small IGBT inverter style includes have case as well as accessories
  • Twin 120/240-volt capacity with car sensing voltage design

Cons of the product:

The actual PA160-STH is not a “jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none.” So it has a little bit trouble such as:

  • No foot pedal

  • Replacement problem

Customer Reviews:

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This Everlast Powerarc 160sth welder is almost perfect for anybody who fabricates along with steel. Along with 160 amps associated with output, it may run any kind of 1/8″ electrode and also have duty period to spare. For heavier material as well as less sensitive jobs, you are able to stick-weld. For slimmer material or even more delicate work, you take out the TIG flashlight. It is a real TIG welder, along with high-frequency begin, and gas solenoid, as well as pedal result control.

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