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Welding Helmet – Flames / Skull – Auto-Darkening Review

Welding Helmet - Flames / Skull - Auto-Darkening
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Review Summary:

Welding Helmet. Auto Darkening. Solar Power. Automatic

Welding always comes with the risk of hurting your body, face or head. At the least you can do is protect your head with a good helmet. Not all helmets may be of great quality and good feature. Hence it is important that you know the features offered for this helmet, the benefits, pros and cons and what the other customers think about this product. Considering all these facts you can say that a welding helmet like Welding Helmet – Flames / Skull – Auto-Darkening is a great choice for novice welders or even the experts. Read through our detailed review to know all the great things about this helmet and then decide why you should be buying this helmet while you are working on a welding job.

Most Critical Feature of the Product

Before buying this product make sure that you are well aware of its critical and major features. Why would people even buy Welding Helmet – Flames / Skull – Auto-Darkening welding helmet if you are wondering, then you should know it is important and most beneficial features.

  • Controls – The exterior knob is set to be adjusted on the fly. The sensitivity knob allows adjustment of lights at different levels. The interior controls are available for light switches.
  • Adjustments – The helmet has auto darkening feature that lets the helmet turn dark when the welding starts. This is the best feature to protect your eyes against the sharp welding spark lights
  • Solar power – It is obvious that you would definitely need the power on your helmet when there is literally no light at all. Hence, solar powered helmets are preferred when it is dark in the welding room and you can automatically focus on the job by turning it on.
  • Fully automatic – The reaction time, recovery time and other settings can be automatically updated based on the welding conditions.
  • Applicability – This welding helmet is great for any kind of welding jobs. However, some do really prefer it for jobs such as the ARC and the MIG kind of welding jobs.
  • Material made of – The helmet is made of molded nylon construction
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Best Benefits of the Welding Helmet

As there are many benefits of this welding helmet, you should understand them in detail so that it can help you make the right well informed decisions. Considering these best benefits of the product, pros and cons and many other features, you should be able to make the right decision.

Make your well informed decisions by studying all the benefits of Welding Helmet – Flames / Skull – Auto-Darkening welding helmet here:

  • Full head cover is what you need for protecting yourself while performing any welding job. This could give you the best way to protect your body against the harmful sparks of welding.
  • The adjustable knobs – both internal and external offer excellent flexibility to the users in case you want to make slight adjustments in the light or adjust different scales. And all these can be done on the fly.
  • The auto dark feature lets you protect your eyes as soon as the welding job starts. The helmet completely blacks out when it senses a high beam of light in the room.
  • Fully automatic feature of this welding helmet is a great like for most of the customers. The reason behind this is you don’t have to make any adjustments before the welding job starts or after it ends.

Pros and Cons of Welding Helmet – Flames / Skull – Auto-Darkening helmet


  • Exterior controls - You can make on the fly adjustment with these exterior controls. Helmet’s righter portion comes with a knob that allows different levels of light adjustments. The variable sweep knob lets you adjust the scales.
  • Cost factor - These helmets are relatively economical and are charged pretty low. Because of this factor you can say that the helmet is low cost and not charged too high.
  • Solar powered - As the helmet is solar powered, you don’t have to worry about working on your welding job in the dark environment. Just turn on the helmet lights and begin working on your job. As simple as it is!
  • Security - The tool offers maximum security for your eyes and head.
  • Auto dark - A great use of this helmet is because it gets dark on its own when the welding job starts. This protects your cornea from getting hurt due to scorching light.
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After considering all the negative reviews the customers have given about this product, we can conclude that, the product has over 40% dissatisfied customers with various reasons. While one customer says there is a gap between the plastic part of the view that can damage the lense. Also some customers have complained that this helmet is not that durable compared to the others in the similar category.

What Customers Are Saying ?

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Things you must know about this product before buying

Before using

  • Make sure you tighten the helmet and adjust to your head size so that its neither too tight nor too loose to fall off.
  • Besides that, make sure that you are not wearing a heavy or a wrong size helmet

During using

  • Make sure to close the lid of the front glass as soon as you begin welding
  • Do not wear spectacles as you get the magnifying glass along with this

After using

  • Make sure you keep the helmet in such a place where it doesn’t fall off easily and break the front glass
  • Clean the glass surface so that you can get a great view when you are welding
  • Do not rub the glass when there is a dust or debris coating, instead, smoothly clean it with a wet cloth or an alcohol wipe.


Now that you have read our detailed reviews, you should now be in a condition to make the right decision at the right time. Besides this, when you have all the information available with you, it can be quite easy to make your decision when it comes to making a well informed decision when you are planning to buy this Welding Helmet – Flames / Skull – Auto-Darkening helmet.

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