The Applications of MIG Welding

MIG welding is a very useful and efficient welding process. MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas. The MIG welding process replaced the stick welding method. In MIG welding the arc is placed between the tip of the wire at the same time when it appears from the torch. The welding process emits a particular shielding gas that keeps the workpieces intact from oxidation.

Nowadays many MIG welding gears offer efficient power settings that allow the wire speed and the voltage to be perfectly matched. Also, they are easy to use.

MIG Weld

The Characteristics of the MIG Welding Process

  • An electrode is employed in the welding process.
  • Ensures uniform weld blobs
  • Offers weld bead that is free from slags
  • Emits shielding gas which protects the joints from oxidation. The gas contains argon, argon – 1 to 5% oxygen, argon – 3 to 25% CO2 and a combination argon/helium gas
  • Known as a semi-automated welding variety
  • Can be used in various positions
  • Much easier to understand and operate compared to TIG welding
  • Lengthy welds can be done in a continuous manner
  • Does not need much cleaning up

MIG Welding Application

Automotive repair is known as one of the most seen applications of MIG welding procedure. No matter the size of the vehicle, the repairs can be done in small, medium and even large automobiles. A big plus point for MIG welding is that it can provide robust and sturdy welds up to the 0.5mm mark. It is renowned for providing useful and efficient welds that can be done in various projects. Especially in the automotive industry. The MIG welding has opened up new doors of opportunities.

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The most expensive welding gear out of the whole MIOG welding procedure is the MIG welding unit alone. Some versatile operations can be done through this unit. The MIG welding units can also be inaugurated in robotics to ensure much faster services.

Spark from welding

MIG welding is very much needed in pipe welds. It provides a much better choice when it comes to cost saving and time spent. Between the track based robotics vs. a man on the assembly line, the choice is pretty simple.

MIG welding can be used to institute hard facing, or it can even be used to reinforce the surface of a worn-out railroad track. It can be difficult to join metals of different types, but by choosing the correct filler wire, you can achieve it over time. Always put on your helmet every time, as a safety precaution.

Compared to the other welding techniques mentioned previously, the MIG welding is a much bigger jump in the welding technology. At the starting point, MIG welding was much more expensive and rarely used. The cost of gas put many setbacks in MIG welding. As time passed, firms started inventing newer ways that can be a substitute of carbon dioxide.

The MIG welding shines on different types of materials. An individual gas that is a good match for a particular material might not be perfect for another. The argon CO2 is used in titanium, aluminum, mild steel and alloy metals. Helium is most effective with titanium and steel (regarding quick process), copper and stainless steel. The Carbon dioxide is used when it comes to welding carbon and low alloy steels. Other alloys such as magnesium cast iron are used too.

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MIG welding is very effective and efficient when it comes to contribution in the manufacturing of automobiles, building process of the bridge. The most important feature is that it provides a much more efficient welding process. The tools used in MIG welding can be bought in a bulk amount which lowers the cost. The process is quite cost-friend compared to

The tools used in MIG welding can be bought in a bulk amount which lowers the cost. The process is quite cost-friend compared to many other welding processes.

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