How to Become a Certified Welder?

Anyone interested in building his/her career in welding sector has many questions in their mind. The most common one is how to become a certified welder. But before finding out the answer, you first need to know the definition of certified welder.

A certified welder is anyone who holds a certification which derives the credibility to work in the welding sector. It signifies the capability to perform welding operations which are up to the acknowledged standards.


What does Certified Welder mean?

The covering bodies of the welding trading sector have already published the steps needed to perform stating the procedures of welding execution. One must take a test which signifies his/her ability to perform in different welding operations.

The test is evaluated by judges and grades are offered based on the performance. Once passing the test anyone can become a certified welder. Every procedure has a test of its own. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

How Do You Become a Certified Welder?

There are six steps listed below which delivers straightforward instructions to help to obtain the welding certification:

Step 1: Complete Training Program

The first phase includes instructions to complete the training program. There are plenty of resources online which can help you find out the nearest welding school.

Don’t be surprised if your local community college offers a training program for welders, which will help you to get ready for the welding certification exam. You should pay the website of American Welding Society (AWS) for a head start.

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Step 2: Know the Welding Procedure

Get a gold of the written down copy of the welding procedures which will guide you through different welding procedures tested on the welding exam. Keep in mind that you will have to perform practical welding operations on various types of welding.

Step 3: Practice Makes Perfect

Keep on practicing the welding operations until you master them all. When you have a good amount of practical experience up your sleeve, you can then visit the website of AWS. There you will be tested fairly on scheduled breaks. That should make thing easier for you to adjust your test day.

welding book

Step 4: Pay the Fee (Duh!)

You should now pay the $30 test fee and go for the test. If you have enough knowledge and practical experience, you will pass just fine.

Step 5: Into the Battlefield

On the day of taking your test, you will be advised too. No matter if you passed the test or was unsuccessful, you will be handed a welding certificate on that very day. If you are unsuccessful on the day, you can schedule your next test date. But we advise you to practice some more and then sit for another test. You will need another $30 to sit on the next test. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Step 6: Success

If you pass the exam, you are needed to submit your certification maintenance paperwork to AWS, on a half yearly basis. They should be signed by your employer for the verification purpose regarding your activity on the welding sector.

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You can easily take the benefits of the welding certification quickly. You just need to follow the steps thoroughly.

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