Best Butane (Micro) Torch Reviews 2020

For a beginner or first-time buyer, the selections of butane torches on the market could be overwhelming, making the buying-decision even tougher as the different torch brands seem to look alike.

Identifying the flame type needed, the right tip and the fuel are just some of the main considerations that you should take note of, before placing your order online.

Here are the best butane torch reviews with their corresponding customer ratings and impressive features.

Best Butane Torch Reviews

SE MT3001 Butane Power Torch

First on the list is the SE MT3001 Butane Power Torch with an average customer rating of 3.8-Stars.

This deluxe power torch is among the small butane torches that features a built-in ignition mechanism. Hence, SE proudly introduces this model for all the culinary artists, jewelry makers and the hobbyists alike.

Once it is fully filled, the torch can be used for up to an hour. The system of this handheld butane torch has been approved by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Additionally, this product features a thumb-release lock method, which greatly helps in preventing unintended use by children. It also has a removable base that snugly holds the butane in an upright manner. However, the butane itself is not included in the package.

Hence, SE as the product provider ensures safety and quality of this product, advising users not to get counterfeit items, while purchasing their products only through reliable suppliers and dealers.

Keep in mind that genuine SE products always come with the genuine SE logo on its packaging. SE products, including this micro butane torch, are high-quality consumer items with extremely reasonable price.

SE has been committed to delivering only the best source to customers for the best value possible, allowing consumers to enjoy the quality and functionality of their products such as the SE MT3001 Butane Power Torch.

All in all, this torch has a brand name protected by the United States Trademark Law, with a built-in ignition design, a convenient and constant flame switch on its side, and provides a maximum temperature of 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Blazer GT8000 Butane Torch

Meanwhile, the Blazer GT8000 Butane Torch garners an average customer rating of 4.6-Stars. This Big Shot torch is a gas torch and refillable.

Among the small butane torch products on the list, this one has an attachable base, plus a nozzle made of brass frame, creating a precise flame, while emitting it from its nozzle head. This design allows for a direct heat application when necessary.

The Blazer GT8000 is widely-used in different applications, but is mostly ideal for detailed purposes like brazing, soldering, plumbing, culinary, jewelry making, dental, laboratory applications, and more.

For added safety, this small butane torch for jewelry making features an anti-flare nozzle, which also helps in controlling the flame. It has an overall design for a low blow-out rating once held in different positions.

The design is very handy too during a limited space or when access is difficult. In addition, the angled head’s attachable design allows for a table base that results in a hands-free application when necessary.

The gas-flow adjustment switch works perfectly for flame length control. Moreover, the Blazer GT8000 Butane Torch houses an ignition system known as piezoelectric, which is derived from a pressurized molecular reaction without any electrical connections requirements.

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The piezoelectric energy tends to occur once the trigger is turned on. It releases a small and spring-loaded, built-in hammer that delivers a crystal-like spark that results in the gas flame ignition.

This Blazer butane torch offers a 2,500-degree Fahrenheit flame temperature as its maximum level and can burn continuously for about 35 minutes at its maximum fuel volume. This 35-gram-gas-capable torch also offers a flame range between 1.25 and 5.0 inches.

When not in use, the ignition’s manual lock serves as the safety component. Overall, it is highly recommended using this product for industrial and professional environments.

Dremel 2000-01 Butane Soldering Torch

The Dremel 2000-01 Butane Soldering Torch, on the other hand, receives a 4.5-Star average rating from its customers.

The overall design of this butane micro torch includes a Versa Tip Precision technology, making it the perfect choice for those engaged in detailed and creative projects that typically require a combination of portability, versatility and precision.

This micro soldering torch is highly capable of soldering, heating, melting, cutting, welding, shrinking and making decorative burns in a wide array of materials.

Hence, the Dremel Versa Tip is a great addition to the tool kits of people who are passionate users and those who require a precise torch for detailed project works.

Unlike ordinary torches in the market, this particular model includes a self-ignition switch, alongside a safety lock mechanism. For a continuous use and a hands-free operation, this torch also features a lock-on setting. Its large tank capacity accommodates standard butane gas, and provides a run time of 75 minutes.

The Dremel 2000-01 Versa Tip kit includes the butane tool, a soldering tip, a deflector, a cutting knife, a wide blower tip, a hot air tip, a shaping knife, a sponge, a solder, wrenches, tins, a protective cap and a nice case for easy and neat storage.

In a nutshell, the Versa Tip could be the most reliable butane hand torch today, providing all necessary tools for both the beginner and professional, while offering top-notch quality and utmost convenience due to its easy startup operation and the built-in ignition trigger.

The variable temperature setting allows for precise control, while the flame lock-on mode for simplified operation. Indeed, it is a premium quality with long life durability.

Master Appliance MT-70 Triggertorch

Next up is the Master Appliance MT-70, which is a palm-sized trigger torch and garners an average rating of 3.5-Stars.

This micro torch butane has a handheld design that allows for utmost user convenience. It is also a self-igniting torch with a 60-minute run time once the tank is full.

With a refillable plastic tank design, the MT-70 can be refilled with the Master Appliance Ultratane butane so as to maximize its performance. This model of torch is widely used in different applications such as heating parts and materials, igniting objects, melting plastic, shrinking tubing, soldering and de-soldering, terminating connectors and more.

The Master Appliance MT-70 also features a gas adjustment wheel, providing an adjustable flame and long blue flame that has up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature. Similar to the previous products, this model of torch too, has generated a lot of pleasing customer reviews.

One user in particular says that this is one of the best torches on the market, although wishes that the instructions were clearer. Besides that, most users are pleased with its performance, saying that it provides the necessary flame, while the adjustable feature really works great.

Some actual owners of the MT-70 maximize its efficiency in camping sites, soldering purposes, heat shrink tubing and so on. The safety mechanism of this torch also makes people happy and satisfied, giving them security so as to avoid unfavorable accidents.

Overall, this torch is a well-built product that can last for a long time, and commended by several first-hand users.

Bernz-O-Matic ST2200T Butane Torch Kit

The final product on the list is the Bernz-O-Matic ST2200T Butane Torch Kit, which is among the top-rated micro torches with a 4.3-Star rating.

This micro flame torch is used in various purposes and applications like soldering, heating guns, metal and concrete tools, and in different construction needs.

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Manufactured in the USA, the ST2200T provides good luck and utmost performance when it comes to micro flame torches and pencil torches. It has a self-igniting design with a perfect size, making it ideal for different purposes and work sites.

It ignites instantly with the initial activation or press of the button; thereby, working immediately and efficiently without unnecessary steps or added tools.

The detachable soldering tip also functions as a hot blower for heat shrink tubing applications. The ‘always on’ setting allows for a hands-free operation, making it very versatile and portable, compared to the ordinary torches. Also, the base is made of stable and durable construction, so rest assured that it will not trip up or tumble off during a hands-free operation.

Meanwhile, micro torch reviews indicate using a high-quality butane fuel for this particular model in order to maximize its performance and efficiency. Some owners of this torch say that it still functions perfectly, even after a few years of use. Compared to cigarette lighter torches, the ST2200T is not prone to accumulating dirt, despite heavy use, while the counterparts could stop igniting eventually due such simple reason.

Over and above, the ST2200T Butane Torch Kit from Bernz-O-Matic is a highly dependable product, easy to use, with superior engineering, and safety features that exceed government standards.

Butane Torch Buying Guide

Having the best micro torch is undoubtedly a beneficial thing, allowing you to accomplish a lot of tasks, ranging from culinary to jewelry-making. Even the supposedly complex applications can be completed through the efficiency of this equipment.

So, after discussing the top-rated torches on the market, it is now time to talk about more important things, giving you further idea in order to make an informed buying decision later on.

Factors to Consider

Both the first-time users and the experienced ones should consider the following factors, before buying any torch.

  • Ignition System – The best butane micro torch should have a self-igniting capability, igniting easily and safely with a simple press or push of a button, which is a sort of an on/off switch. Hence, this feature will be more useful for the first-time buyers and users of a torch.
  • Adjustable Flame – Another feature to look for is the flame adjustment capability of a torch, providing an adjustment lever or switch, allowing the user for a complete control over the flame.
  • Safety Lock Mechanism – This feature is very important, especially in areas where there are children. The safety lock mechanism is helpful in the prevention of accidental activation; thereby, further avoiding unfavorable burns and injuries.
  • Versatility – The versatility of a butane torch is attributed to its functionality as a versatile one should not be limited to a single purpose. Thus, you should buy a torch than can be used in a wide variety of applications and materials such as for cooking, jewelry-making, soldering, welding, and so on.
  • Design – Finally, the design should be lightweight with an ergonomic handle that allows for a hands-free operation when necessary.

Butane Refill

Besides having the best mini torch in your arsenal, stocking up on butane refill is also an essential part of the entire process. Keep in mind that the torches offered in the market do not always come with butane. While others include one, this butane is no longer filled, so having a set of butane refill is a wise investment too.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to get a premium-grade refill for your torch as such quality will not clog the tool itself, preventing the accumulation of dirt over time. The cheaper butane refill counterparts oftentimes result in the accumulation of grime and dirt in the torch, and so affecting the overall performance of the tool.

Experts strongly suggest buying a triple-refined butane refill for better torch performance and longer life span of the torch as well.

Butane Torch Purposes

Today, many consumers prefer to buy the best micro butane torch for different purposes and applications. Below are just some of the torch’s usefulness and the main reasons why such tool is in high demand.

  • Minor Repair Works – A butane torch is useful in accomplishing minor repair works, whether in residential or industrial areas. This too is widely used in soldering electronics, rope cutting, welding, shrinking, and other related tasks. It completes household requirements too, like defrosting frozen water pipes, thawing, plumbing works, and paint stripping.
  • Culinary – Many butane torch users consider this tool as an essential kitchen gadget. And so, it is because a butane torch is very useful in different kitchen tasks such as melting cheese, glazing ham, caramelizing sugar, toasting bread, grilling seafood, and more.
  • Jewelry-making – Surely, the best butane torch for jewelry comes in handy for the jewelry enthusiasts, helping them solder small links, jump rings, earrings, and so on.
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Top Brands

It is already a given fact that butane torches are offered in a vast selection of styles and models. The same is true when it comes to the providers and brands of such tool.

  • Blazer – This is a top brand with regards to the designing and manufacturing of butane torches, including pencil torches. It has been in the industry for over three decades now and is renowned for its industrial and professional tools.
  • SE – SE is a prestigious manufacturer of premium home improvement tools as well as other accessories. Its lineup of mini butane torches boasts the most advanced features such as a built-in ignition mechanism, detachable base, and a thumb-release lock system.
  • Dremel – Dremel is also a reliable provider of butane torches and is recognized by consumers due to its well-built products. Its butane torch lineup is known for quick ignition, plus removable and sturdy base for hands-free operation.

Choosing the Best Torch

Apparently, choosing the best mini butane torch largely depends on your main purpose. While there are highly versatile torches for various applications, there are specially-designed models solely for jewelry-making purposes, for instance.

Thus, it is crucial to identify the major intention for such tool in order to get the correct model. But, if it is intended for various applications, then going for a versatile one will be the best choice.

Looking for the most reliable butane torch is no longer a hassle as this review has already provided you with the top-rated products and the top brands. Regardless the model you choose, always keep in mind the safety features of the butane torch to avoid accidents and injuries.


Using a butane torch is very simple, but following safety measures is essential throughout the usage of such tool, including its storage. Having the most reliable and safe torch will allow you to be the most creative person, even at the comfort of your home, preparing professional-looking meals, creating fashionable jewelry, and performing repair works too.

In fact, you will never run out of ideas and ways to this tool because it does not require a college-degree achiever to maximize its functionality. All in all, butane torches are very handy tools that help users in accomplishing various tasks at home and in job sites.

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