Best Heated Jacket Reviews 2020

A heated jacket is an important piece of clothing for people who are working during the cold weather or those who just enjoy recreational activities during the same period and circumstances. Using this garment will make any task more comfortable and productive, beating the cold and wet weather at the same time.

Today, the market offers a wide selection of heated coats or jackets that are highly capable of giving not only comfort but also durability, performance, and style. With that being said, this article talks about the best heated jackets commended by actual users as they themselves enjoy the benefits of such garments.

Aside from the heated jacket reviews, there is also an additional discussion about a buying guide that provides you with further information about the product, including the key benefits, probable issues related to these jackets, and the key factors that are worth considering during the selection process.

Best Heated Jacket Reviews

Bosch PSJ120M-102

First up is the 3.9-star-rated Bosch PSJ120M-102, which is a 12-volt, lithium-ion-operated jacket. It is among the top rated jackets today because it offers a soft shell construction, and it is specially designed for men. This high-quality garment is resistant to wind and rain, making it perfect for outdoor needs.

The Bosch PSJ120M-102 has a heating system that is powered by the Bosch 12v Max series of a lithium-ion battery that includes a Bosch 12v battery charger, a feature not found in many other jacket brands. The heating settings are conveniently accessed by 3 simple push-buttons, ranging from low, medium, to high.

The heating system starts warming within seconds and has a maximum of 6-hour runtime, which makes it the perfect job solution during the cold, freezing weather. It also offers five pockets that allow for storing a large document, cellular phone, the battery controller/holster, and 2 hand pockets for keeping more tools and other objects. All of the pockets allow for quick and convenient storage and access.

The included battery kit does not only power the jacket but also the USB-port-compatible gadgets. Hence, the Bosch PSJ120M-102 provides warmth as well as backup power at the same time. During the warmer seasons, on the other hand, the battery pack has an alternative belt clip that you can use without the jacket, which gives you a back-up or power boost wherever you may be. All in all, the PSJ120M kit gives you everything that you need, ranging from the heated jacket to the battery charger, and the battery controller/holster. It is, indeed, a high-quality choice of battery heated coats.


Meanwhile, the DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L is a 4.2-star-rated heated jacket kit that comes in a large size. This Dewalt jacket is powered by a 20-volt/12-volt MAX battery and is ideal for many kinds of outdoor and cold weather activities. It claims to keep you warm despite the rainy or stormy conditions or cold weather.

Aside from the 7.5 hour of runtime, it also features four heating zones such as the mid-back, the collar, the left chest, and the right chest. All these regions are powered by a LED controller while offering three temperature settings. There is also an additional pre-heat function, unlike ordinary electric coats.

The battery is found in an efficient pocket that is expandable, accepting other first-class 20v MAX batteries. This garment also provides routing ports, allowing for the most convenient charging of other compatible devices. Also made of soft, polyester outer shell, the jacket has been engineered to be a water-resistant garment with adjustable waistline and cuffs.

There is a total of five pockets that are found on the left waist, right waist, the outer left chest, outer right chest, and on the inner left chest. This electric jacket kit includes the DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L jacket, one DCB201 20-volt MAX Battery, one 20volt/12volt MAX Power Source, and one DCB101 20volt/12volt Charger.

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Overall, this self heating jacket is lightweight, affordable, and powerful, which makes it a highly recommended product by actual users. Keep in mind that people at DEWALT recognize everything about hard work, thus, creating this exceptional garment to make other people’s lives easier, more comfortable, more productive, and more convenient despite the cold and freezing weather conditions.

Makita DCJ200ZXL

When it comes to a Makita heated jacket, the Makita DCJ200ZXL model receives a top rating of 3.8 stars. It is an 18-volt LXT lithium-operated jacket that comes in an extra large size and black color. It is a cordless heated jacket, which is an addition to Makita’s series of a cordless 18V tools product lineup.

The overall construction and design of this garment promise to keep you warm during the cold weather in extreme work conditions. The power source also accepts all 18V batteries of the same brand, and the compact battery pack offers up to 28-hour of runtime. The multipurpose USB port also allows you to charge any portable electronic devices too.

Unlike the previous models, this heated work jacket has three heat settings that allow you to adjust the levels, depending on the specific weather condition you are into. The four pockets, on the other hand, include a zippered pocket on the chest side that allows for a cell phone storage, while the sleeve pocket, right side and left side pockets provide additional storage spaces.

The conveniently positioned battery pack is out of the way, yet still within your reach for a quick access. Moreover, this garment boasts a soft fleece lined collar that has been designed for an increased comfort. Makita claims that this jacket is certainly a serious multi-purpose garment in keeping the user warm and allowing charged devices at the same time. Without a doubt, the Makita DCJ200ZXL battery powered jacket is a stylish yet efficient addition to every man’s clothing collection.


Next up is the 4.4-star-rated DEWALT DCHJ062B-S, a 20v/12v MAX heated jacket that comes in small size. This DEWALT heating jacket kit also comes with an adaptor and is said to be ideal for hunting purposes because of the Camo design. Similar to the DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L, this model from the same brand also offers 7.5-hour runtime, although the 20V MAX battery is sold separately.

The DCHJ062B-S battery heated jacket provides four heating zones such as the right chest, left chest, mid-back area, and the collar. All regions are operated by LED controller while offering three temperature settings and a pre-heat mode. It has almost the same features as the DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L with the Camo design as the main difference between the two.

The Camo outer shell is constructed from water-resistant and soft materials. Also, the DEWALT DCHJ062B-S accepts 20V MAX batteries while providing a detachable hood and a neck and face guard, making it more versatile than its counterpart. It has seven pockets that allow for more storage spaces and provides USB routing ports, which you can use as a charging station for other devices.

Undoubtedly, the DEWALT DCHJ062B-S has created a lot of happy customers, saying that the garment is an awesome purchase. It is widely used by people who work outdoors, during the night time, and even those in freezers with inevitable dropping temperatures. Others are repeat customers, buying the same product over and over as a gift item for others who require the same warmth and efficiency. All in all, this battery powered heated jacket gives enough warmth to beat the outdoor or indoor, cold climate.


Finally, the MILWAUKEE M12 electric jacket warmer surely deserves its 4.6-star average customer rating. Coming in large size and black color, this garment has been re-engineered for maximum fit while providing better heat retention simultaneously. For added versatility, it offers two unique zones that are found on the chest and the back.

Moreover, there are lower pockets that can be adjusted individually and act as hand warmers when necessary. This Milwaukee heated coat also features five carbon-fiber heating components and an innovative fabric-layering technology. These distinctive designs result in the distribution of heat as well as the heat retention across the user’s body. All these provide the proper heat amount in all situations.

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In addition to these already impressive features, this Milwaukee electric jacket boasts a heating panel that is located in the chest area, glowing brightly in various colors on each side of the section. The color you’ll see largely depends on the heating mode with red as hot, white as medium heat, and blue as low heat.

The outer shell of this Milwaukee coat is made of rugged materials that are resistant to water and the wind, hence, keeping the cold weather away to provide insulation. A thermal fleece lining has been integrated into its overall design, holding heat in to beat the cold.

All in all, the MILWAUKEE M12 is a stylish and efficient choice for anyone who works hard, even during the cold seasons, while serving as a backup power source at the same time. Take note, however, that the battery and charger are sold separately. Nonetheless, this Milwaukee jacket is a wise investment, based on several customer reviews.

Heated Jacket Buying Guide

After the discussion on battery heated jacket reviews, it is now time to talk about the key benefits of having such garment. This section of the article provides you with such information and additional insights that will surely affect your buying decision.

Major Benefits

The major benefits of having a heated jacket are maximized primarily by people who are working outdoors during rainy and/or cold weather conditions. The best heated jacket is also perfect for people who require lightweight clothing that offers efficiency, versatility, and added mobility simultaneously.

Such garment does not only focus on warmth purposes but also providing the user with a backup power source for USB-port-compatible devices. These battery heated jackets are highly preferred and used by hunters, motorcycle riders, people working in freezers, and basically, anyone who just loves the outdoors, despite cold, rainy, and freezing conditions.

Reliable Brands

As a buyer of this garment, you can surely count on a wide selection of reliable brands. After a careful research and comparison, you will soon realize that the following brands offer the best heated clothing on the market. Therefore, there is no hesitation in picking the featured products in this review.

  • Milwaukee – this brand is known to offer cozy and casual clothing that mostly feature an outer sleeve, alongside a receded design, resulting in an additional wrist movement. The Milwaukee heated jackets boast exceptional heating mechanisms that give room even for the bulkiest work gloves.
  • Bosch – the Bosch brand is also renowned for its cozy and casual heated jackets, although it is said that this brand offers more insulation than its counterparts. Also, this brand tends to include zippered pockets in its designs with weather-shielding flaps for added protection and convenience.
  • Dewalt – the Dewalt brand, on the other hand, is known to design jackets with bigger, upper arm and torso portions, allowing for additional space. Hence, Dewalt heated jackets offer loose fit and simpler designs than others.

Related Issues

There are also some issues that are arising when it comes to this garment. In spite the advertised efficiency and performance, there are a few concerns that are coming from discerning customers and probable buyers.

  • Electrocution – electrocution is among the concerns of potential buyers, although such instance only arises when the user get soaked accidentally. Today, the top brands and reliable manufacturers of heated jackets guarantee that their garments are safe. Therefore, it is essential to buy only the high-rated jackets with positive feedback from actual users and without cases of electrocution.
  • EMF Radiation – another issue is the EMF radiation, but manufacturers still guarantee that their products only run at 0 Hz frequency while the voltage is at 12 or lower; thereby, EMF is never present.
  • Fire/Overheating – fire and overheating are instances that are usually caused by a poor wiring, so there are actually possibilities of such circumstance when it comes to these garments. Again, checking the manufacturer’s reliability is of utmost importance. Product testing on their designs should have been conducted before offering them to the public. Battery heated clothing reviews are helpful tools for any potential buyer while recommendations from first-hand users are equally essential throughout the selection process.
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Important Features and Designs

When shopping for the best-heated vest or jacket, there are some pointers you need to consider when comparing one model over the other. By doing so, you will arrive at the best option that is suitable for your needs and requirements without setting aside the safety features.

Heating Ability

Obviously, the main reason you’re buying this product is because of its heating ability. Based on customer reviews, both the Bosch and Dewalt offer exceptional heating abilities. However, this feature seems difficult to determine as every human body varies from one another. Every person has his unique bodily system that responds differently to varying heat levels. So it is still inadequate to rely solely on such feature.


Different heated vest reviews will indicate that such garment offers different lining designs. In this regard, the Dewalt and Milwaukee brands are said to be the top picks when it comes to soft lining. The Bosh jacket, on the other hand, features the same, but it would be more comfortable with an inner sweatshirt or layers of sweatshirts. Take note that the overall lining design provides comfort and an increased insulation.

Overall Look

The overall look of rechargeable heated jackets has varying appearances, aside from the different styles. For example, the Dewalt jacket looks like more of utilitarian clothing while the Milwaukee and Bosch look more interesting with the naked eye.

Available Pockets

The number of pockets made available in a heated jacket is also a major factor worth considering. Prior to any purchase, it is always important to take note of the things you’ll be bringing to work or any activity. Keep in mind that the pockets are equivalent to storage spaces. Referring to the reviewed products, the Bosch brand tends to offer textile flaps in the jacket, providing added protection during harsh weathers. More pockets mean that you can bring all sorts of things you need, ranging from documents to cellular phones, handy tools, and other essentials.

Overall Style

The efficiency and performance of a heater jacket may be attributed to its overall style, but this feature largely depends on the personal preference and requirements of the user. Nonetheless, the Bosch is known for its single style while the Milwaukee and Dewalt provide more styles as Milwaukee has recently designed one with a zippered hoodie for an added protection and insulation of the face and neck.

In a nutshell, these jackets in Amazon are highly preferred and recommended by thousands of customers. Hence, these brands guarantee safety, efficiency, and performance all at the same time, doing the job right in providing the necessary heat level with safety measures, while offering comfortable designs simultaneously.

No matter which brand you choose, working outdoors during cold and freezing weather conditions is always better by using an electric heated jacket or vest that can help in boosting your mobility and productivity while keeping you comfortable and warm during those harsh weather conditions.

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