Best Miller MIG Welder 2020

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding is a popular process used to weld metals. It uses an electric arc that forms between a metal wire electrode and the workpiece. The electric arc heats the workpiece and melts and welds it.

Today many companies are manufacturing MIG welders and Miller is one of the most prominent companies. The company started by one single person back in 1929 has become synonymous to the firm that emphasizes innovation.

Miller has a wide array of welding devices and the MIG welder segment of the company is rich as well. You can rely on Miller products to give you a smooth work. However, selecting the perfect Miller MIG welder may be a tricky task. Go through this article carefully where we have compiled the best miller MIG welder.

Best Miller MIG Welder

Miller Mig Welder 208/230AVC | Auto-Set

The Mig Welder, Wheeled, 208/230VAC is definitely the right choice. Welding has been part of any construction works for its amazing work of art, efficiency, strength, and versatility, and for the MIG Welder, 208/230VAC, it has main reasons to exist to make all kinds of metal job be functional.

This machine functions on MIG/flux core welding processes with an input voltage of 208/230VAC. It welds mild steel, stainless steel materials, and aluminum. It works in material thickness at 22GA for mild steel.

The said welding machine has a series power of MIG 216. And it is mainly portable for it is wheeled mounted. It is ideal for metal fabrication, repair and maintenance, farm/auto body and light industrial type.

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It delivers Forgiving Arc, Low spatter, excellent out-of-position arc stability, Maxtrac (R) aluminum industrial wire, wide voltage sweet pot at a given wire feed speed for steel, stainless and aluminum. It has more output and better efficiency.

To those who are interested in its features, here is a bit more information about it. Its overall width is 18-7/8”, with an overall height of 31-3/4”, and depth 38-7/8”. Its wire size is 0.025” – 0.045”. The rated output is 250A at 26VDC while the output range is 30 to 300A DC. Finally, its input amps are at 56.

This MIG welder is definitely recommended to all your MIG welding needs, due to its functionalities and additional portability making it a good choice for both beginners and professionals who would bring this equipment to places. Read our detailed review of the Mig Welder 208/230AVC.

Types of Miller MIG Welder

Based on the input power, Miller MIG welder are divided into two categories:

  • Single Phase input power welder
  • Three Phase input power welder

Single Phase input power welder: These welders use the power supply form typical domestic power source (115 or 230 Volts AC). They are ideal for garage, body shops, farms, ranch, maintenance, repair, light fabrication etc.

Three Phase input power welder: These welders take input from the common industrial power settings. Such welders are ideal for manufacturing, heavy fabrication, and light manufacturing.

Selecting the best Miller MIG Welder

Miller has a variety of MIG welders and it can be very confusing for the users to select the appropriate product for their use. The first thing that you should know before purchasing a Miller MIG welder is the purpose of buying the welder.

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If your job can be done with a medium size welder there is no need to purchase a big welder.If you want to work a specific metal use a welder specifically designed for that purpose else go for a welder that is able to weld all the metals you require to be welded.

Next, you should check the input voltage rating of the welder and see if that can be changed conveniently. Your welder should also be able to meet the resolution that you require. If you require the welder for small work, selecting a small size and portable welder would be a smart idea.

Additional features for a smooth start, auto adjust and safety features will help you weld with more quality.

Bottom Line

Miller Metal Inert Gas Welders offer smooth welding with easy setup and easy to use mechanism. The top quality safety features of the company help minimize the risk of any accident. The machines are available both for a specific metal and a range of metals.

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