Best Welding Gloves Reviews 2020

Every welder should make use of a pair of gloves for welding as this is personal protection equipment (PPE), providing adequate protection for the hands during such process. Aside from welding helmets, jackets, and other PPE, keep in mind that welding gloves are essential due to the probable risks, related to welding.

Leather winter gloves or the fashion winter gloves do not give sufficient protection when welding. Hence, it is always crucial to buy and make use of those specifically designed welding gloves, optimizing its efficiency for this particular purpose.

Fortunately, there are several welding gloves for sale on the market, and this article will help you in narrowing down the choices. Make sure to compare each of the featured product in this article, picking the most suitable and perfectly-sized gloves in accordance with your personal tastes and requirements.

Best Welding Gloves Reviews

US Forge Welding Gloves

The US Forge Welding Gloves is the very first item on the list. Garnering an average rating of 4.6-Stars, the US Forge 400 measures at 14 inches in length and comes in blue color. These are very good gloves, offering several grades and highlights.

For one, the overall design of these gloves can provide a complete protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun, which can cause serious skin burns. It also provides protection against molten metal that usually arises during the welding process. For pliability and utmost comfort, the construction of these gloves offer soft and supple, top-grain leather material.

There is also a deluxe lining within the gloves that gives more pliability and long-term dexterity. You will find some reinforced frictional areas as well as a built-in liner that boost the durability and comfort of its overall style.

These welders gloves are made of premium-grade leather, combined with a cotton lining for superior comfort. It also boasts a locked-stitched design for extra strength as welding procedures are known to be demanding and stressful.

The US Forge 400 is a pair of dependable gloves, and the best replacement for worn-out ones, based on several reviews. Customer feedbacks also indicate that the gloves stay durable, despite daily use, considering the abuse and high demands during welding procedures. In fact, it still works perfectly after several years of service, while ordinary counterparts tend to become stiff and brittle, making them unusable. All in all, the US Forge Welding Gloves are well-built, withstanding high temperatures, while allowing for free movement without discomfort.

Lincoln Electric Traditional Welding Glove

The next item is the Lincoln Electric Traditional Welding Glove with an average rating of 4.3-Stars. These are stick gloves as well as MIG welding gloves, although its overall design is for general purposes. These gloves are constructed from heat-resistant and flame-resistant split cowhide materials, making it perfect for different welding types and procedures.

The design also includes a sock lining, resulting in added comfort, while the Kevlar stitching, plus the welted seams allow for extended durability. There is also an additional thumb pad that increases the glove life span. The pattern, which is composed of black split cow hide and red flame, adds a unique sense of style.

The straight thumb design improves the finger tip sensitivity, like no other, including an added cuff for better protection. And, just like many other Lincoln welding gloves, this particular design has generated a lot positive reviews and happy customers. While these gloves are intended for welding purposes, many actual users maximize its efficiency for other purposes like pulling out thistles and blackberry vines.

The nice leather construction is said to offer optimum protection, based on customer feedbacks, protecting the areas past their wrists. In fact, some users of the Lincoln Electric welding gloves say that these products have sort of supernatural powers as thorns from vines never penetrate the gloves, unlike ordinary garden gloves.

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Aside from tackling thorny adversaries, this pair of welding gloves is also used by many people in taking out unwanted weeds in their gardens and backyards, and surely the little pricks do not penetrate the skin. Overall, these Lincoln gloves are ideal not only for welding purposes, but also for many other applications, making it the most versatile of all welding gloves.

Miller 263343 Welding Glove

On the other hand, the Miller 263343 Welding Glove is a 4.5-Star-rated product that comes in a large size. These gloves are especially designed for stick and MIG welding applications, including metalworking purposes. The patches are strategically located on the back and palm areas, allowing for an extended glove life.

Moreover, these Miller welding gloves feature a dual-layered insulated back and palm, while the premium-grade cowhide split leather results in extreme protection and durability. For ergonomic fit, there are pre-curved finger designs, allowing for maximum comfort at the same time. The wing-thumb design, on the other hand, results in dexterity and comfort, while the 100% wool lining at the back design offers a flame-resistant insulation.

These gloves are made of 100% flame-resistant Kevlar stitching that allows for unmatched seam strength. Similar to the previous product, this particular model too has created a lot of pleasing customer reviews, indicating how comfortable these gloves are. Many actual users say that these items are able to retain their dexterity over a long period of use.

Welding class students are just among the people who are continually captivated by the features of the Miller 263343, saying that it is more than plain leather gloves on the market. Besides the great dexterity, these gloves are well-built, while offering comfort simultaneously. In short, the Miller 263343 Welding Glove could be the best welding gloves for stick and MIG welding purposes that both the beginners and professionals can count on at all times.

Steiner 21923 Welding Gloves

Furthermore, the Steiner 21923 Welding Gloves are included in Steiner’s Y-Series of welding gloves. These items come in a large size, burnt-orange color with 23 inches in length. Garnering a 4.7-Star rating, these top rated gloves are foam-lined and made of split cowhide.

The same quality and construction are found in higher-priced products, while this pair of gloves is reasonably priced. Its cowhide leather construction tends to give a reliable combination of dexterity, abrasion-resistance, comfort, and durability. Hence, rest assured that quality and efficiency are in mind during its construction since Steiner Industries is among the premiere producers and suppliers of products, related to welding safety, protective clothing, gloves, and other industrial needs.

In addition, the design boasts a foam-insulated back, a full cotton lining, and a reinforced thumb strap. It is fully welted, a design, which is not found in most welding gloves. Based on welding glove reviews, the Steiner 21923 creates a lot of noise among several users. The actual owners and users of these gloves say that on top of its nice construction, the gloves allow them to hold almost anything, despite the thickness of such material.

While it could be a bit bulky for more intricate tasks, the gloves still allow the user to hold metal with an inch distance from the welding position. For long periods of welding, these gloves work effectively, keeping the user protected from unwanted sparks and splatter from welding. There are no issues on burning and user fatigue with the efficiency and performance of Steiner 21923 Welding Gloves that is why people keep on buying them.

Revco T50 Welding Gloves

The Revco T50 Tigster Flame Resistant Gloves come in a blue and white color combination and perhaps, one of the neatest designs from Revco. Garnering an average rating of 4.5-Stars, these welding gloves are derived from soft kidskin, while providing a snug-fit flame-resistant cotton style.

These could be the best TIG welding gloves, featuring a seamless index design that results in extra dexterity. It also boasts an ergonomic keystone thumb style, like no other, while the stitching is made of flame-resistant Kevlar thread. An exclusive DragPatch design allows for an extended life of the gloves.

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Among the top-rated TIG welding glove reviews, the Revco T50 Tigster is perfect for the professional TIG welders and the weekend warriors as well. Many actual users of these gloves consider them as the best basis when it comes to comfort, considering the soft and small inseam that also allows for a snug fit.

Customer reviews and feedbacks simplify these welding gloves as very soft, resulting in utmost comfort that they never found in other welding gloves. People also say that the gloves provide a great feel in all of their fingers, while looking nice at the same time since the color combination is very attractive to the naked eye. Hence, all of the fingers hold up very well.

Overall, the Revco T50 Tigster is the best pair of TIG replacement gloves, especially for those with too bulky designs. After a thorough research and comparison, you will soon realize that these gloves, are in fact, one of the best choices because they are not only well-constructed, but also lightweight, allowing for a more precise control over materials when necessary.

Black Iron Welding Gloves

Last on the list, but definitely not the least with regards to customer rating is the Black Iron Welding Gloves. These 14-inch welding gloves come in black color and garner an average rating of 4.9-Stars from its customers on Amazon. Among the featured products in this review, only this pair of gloves passes the EN 388 standard, making it more reliable.

The overall design is abrasion-resistant, tear, blade cut and puncture resistant as well; thereby, certainly competing with other brands on the market. Its entire construction and style are undoubtedly useful for welding purposes, but are not limited to that. In fact, these gloves are also effective for mechanical works, carpentry, soldering and other applications that pose harm to the skin such as cuts and burns.

The Black Iron is the premium choice when it comes to welding gloves, providing the maximum protection needed by any professional and the DIYer. These premium-grade faux leather gloves offer no less than superior hand protection as it helps in mechanical risk prevention.

It has an inner lining derived from cotton, allowing for optimal comfort and reduced user fatigue. The sturdy stitching tends to ensure its long life, despite heavy duty use and frequent abuse. Hence, 100% satisfaction is ensured by its provider, offering a money-back guarantee.

Moreover, these best all around welder gloves are consistently creating a lot of happy and satisfied customers nationwide and globally. It is widely used in construction industries, even in residential areas, helping both the professionals and the weekend warriors perform their jobs with added protection and safety gear. Surely, these gloves are well-built with thick and durable materials, yet retain comfort for the user’s utmost convenience.

Welding Gloves Buying Guide

Without a doubt, the product reviews are very informative, providing any reader with a good selection of welding gloves. However, keep in mind that there are still more things worth-considering when shopping for such safety gear. Take note that aside from stick welding gloves, there are also gloves particularly for TIG welding and MIG welding. Hence, it is proper to discuss these topics through this article’s section.

Welding Gloves Based on Processes

There are certain models of welding gloves that can be used for multiple purposes. But, there are TIG welding gloves that are not suited for stick welding, while some MIG welding gloves may not be flexible enough to meet the demands and requirements of a TIG welding procedure. Below is a more in-depth explanation of the glove types for specific welding procedures.

For TIG Welding

The top pick of welding gloves for TIG welding processes should be made of goatskin and others with thin and pliable materials. The goatskin, primarily offers excellent movement as precise welds are needed during such applications. Some TIG gloves from Miller offer added padding within the palm or outside, and continuously receive high ratings due to their exceptional fit.

When shopping for TIG gloves, it is also important to consider a Velcro strap feature because this design tends to make the removable of the gloves slower once they become uncomfortable due to excessive heat during the process. Nonetheless, a heat-resistant Kevlar stitching is a feature worth considering, or perhaps a cotton-foam or wool lining for extra comfort and protection.

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For MIG Welding

With regards to MIG gloves, a high-grade goatskin construction combined with a lining that is resistant to heat is the best choice for most MIG applications. Thicker gloves are more desirable for such procedures due to the high amounts of spatter and heat created along the process. Aside from goatskin, top-grain cowhide or deer skin are among the common choices in terms of MIG welding gloves. These materials tend to mold naturally to the hands, offering flexibility and protection that all MIG welders require.

For Stick Welding

The best gloves for stick welding process call for leather with a thicker cut like the split grain of pigskin, elk skin, or goatskin. The simple process of stick welding does not necessarily require for a very flexible pair of gloves, although the thickness offers utmost protection and still remains critical, regardless the minimal heat and sparks that are created.

Important Things to Consider

Additional things to consider when shopping for welding gloves include the following:

Size – According to professional welders, it is always wise to pick a pair of gloves that can cover not only the hands, but also the entire forearm as the sparks could go a long way, farther than that area. The perfect fit or size is also equivalent to the comfortable feeling that the user achieves, while wearing them, allowing them to move freely when necessary. While most of the gloves on the market are one-size-fits-all, some manufacturers offer their products in different sizes, ranging from medium to large, and extra-large.

Dexterity – The dexterity of a welders glove is equivalent to the amount of comfort it can afford to the user, considering the wear-and-tear of such equipment over time. The best option is said to be supple leather, which is likewise heat-resistant, while providing maximum dexterity. But, keep in mind that supple materials like deerskin tends to be more expensive.

Heat-resistance – Of course, heat resistant welding gloves are necessary, regardless the type of welding process. The heat-resistance feature of gloves equates to its durability as well, making cowhide as one of the most heat-resistant gloves. On the other hand, a bore hide has the greatest heat-resistant property, while Kevlar stitching provides more durability to the gloves too.

Other Factors to Consider

Aside from the above mentioned features, the brand name behind the gloves is also an important factor. Take note of the featured products in this article as the welding gloves included throughout come from no less than the trusted brands and manufacturers in the welding safety equipment industry. Another variable is the price of the product. Depending on your needs, requirements and available budget, the welding gloves are available for as low as below 30 dollars, while the premium ones are priced at almost a hundred dollars.


In a nutshell, all welders should buy and wear an effective pair of long welding gloves for these gears to greatly protect them from sparks and spatter created during the process. There are specific models of gloves that also deter the harmful UV rays of the sun, protecting the skin from potential burns and skin diseases when the sun is up and welding is needed to be done.

The top rated welder gloves have been featured and reviewed in this article, giving you enough idea on the most reliable gloves that offer not only protection, but also dexterity, comfort, heat-resistance and durability that all welders need at all times.

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