Best Welding Jacket Reviews 2020

Welding jackets are essential parts of any welder’s arsenal. These protective garments primarily help in protecting the arms and the body from heat, spatters, and sparks from welding. The main challenge though is, finding one, which is not very heavy as this clothing may be worn for long periods, providing the user with comfort, protection and mobility at the same time.

Fortunately, the market now offers welding coats with styles that offer all the above mentioned features. However, these garments have their own advantages over the other. So, it is still important to outweigh each of them.

Keep in mind that performing a welding process requires protective gear such as a heavy duty jacket as well as other gears. On that note, this article will talk about the top-rated welding leather jackets on Amazon, including a buying guide that will help any potential buyer to arrive at the best decision possible towards the end of the discussion.

Best Welding Jacket Reviews

Revco BSX Welding Jacket

First on the list is the Revco BSX Welding Jacket with an average customer rating of 4.4-Stars. This Revco welding coat claims to give great coverage for different body types, built and height. Hence, it is perfect for tall people, even users with long limbs, considering the 30-inch length of the jacket.

Moreover, this jacket boasts an adjustable stand-up collar, providing utmost protection for the upper area of the user’s neck. It also features a very comfortable design, giving an effortless mobility, which is an important feature that a potential buyer should always look for. This welder jacket has arms and shoulders made of satin lining, making it more comfortable than ordinary jackets.

Additionally, there are fastening snaps that enhance the overall design, allowing the user to move flawlessly, including the effortless wearing and removing of the garment. In fact, the overall design is very rare when compared to other welding clothing on the market. What is more, the Revco BSX has stitching with flame-resistant Kevlar finish, resulting in added durability and strength.

All in all, this welding jacket has a flame-resistant cotton construction with extended length coverage, including adjustable waist straps and cuff. Besides its unique collar design, it also features double scribe and inside pockets for extra tool space. For heavy duty applications and hot climate, the lining of this garment makes it quite thick, although it certainly offers an exceptional protection level. It is still a value for money and comes available in small to extra-large sizes.


On the other hand, the BLACK STALLION BSX Welding Coat comes available in royal blue and black color combination, and only in extra-large size. Among the Black Stallion welding jackets, the BSX FR model garners a 4.4-Star rating.

It is a flame-resistant jacket with an extended length coverage design. Made of a 9-ounce FR cotton material, this garment also boasts a stand-up collar, including scribe and inside pockets. The specially-designed collar offers added protection against potential sparks from the welding process. Also, the scribe and inside pockets provide extra space in case the user needs to bring some hand tools and other objects while welding.

Furthermore, this Black Stallion welding jacket features zippered and adjustable cuffs as well as waist straps. Hence, this garment has created a lot of happy customers throughout the country and overseas. For one, this protective gear is priced lower within its class than other brands that offer the same features.

Also, the BLACK STALLION BSX is widely-used by both professional welders and the weekend warriors. A particular user says that this jacket can withstand long hours of welding, even up to a 100-hour without incurring holes. The pencil pocket on the jacket’s arm comes in handy too, providing the best spot for an essential marker that every welder needs when working.

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Users are not only pleased with this welding wear, but also their arms and clothes, keeping both protected too during welding sessions. Overall, the actual users testify to the jacket’s efficient and durable design, saying that it is very comfortable to use without sacrificing the style and protection level that such garment should provide.

Revco Black Stallion Cowhide Welding Jacket

With a 4.9-Star rating is the large-sized Black Stallion 30WC. This leather welding jacket has a split cowhide leather construction, which is very lightweight, allowing for added comfort during long applications. Its overall design also offers reinforced stitching in order to withstand high levels of wear and tear that is expected within common industrial fields.

In addition, the welding suit features double reinforced snap buttons that allow for a tighter grip fit, whereas, the dark brown color is much loved by many owners as it is quite unique than most welding jackets around. The heavy duty construction also provides an enhanced protection from welding sparks and heat. The satin-lined arms and shoulders allow for more comfort, aside from the flame-resistant Kevlar stitching.

The Black Stallion 30WC also offers scribe and inside pockets, including waist take-up straps, wrist snaps, and other cool features. Indeed, this is one of the best quality coats you’ll ever find, considering the positive reviews this garment has generated from different, satisfied customers.

Most reviews indicate that the Black Stallion 30WC has a great fit, allowing the users to feel comfortable, despite the hassles of welding applications. Some customer feedback also says that aside from the great fit, there are no burn troughs, while they are welding overhead or vertical.

All in all, the Black Stallion 30WC is a reliable welders jacket that offers efficient features, cool style, perfect and comfortable fit, as well as a unique color that stands out from the rest. Quality and reliability are rest assured with this garment, making it perfect for both the professional welders and the inexperienced ones.

Miller Electric Welding Jacket

Meanwhile, the Miller Electric Welding Jacket receives a 4.8-Star as its average customer rating. This medium-sized welding jacket comes in a navy blue color with cotton/nylon construction. Miller Electric has created a stylish and a more athletic fit with this certain model, which does not only look pleasing, but also fits great as well.

Putting on the jacket and taking it off is a breeze due to its satin lining that results in a smooth movement. Also, expandable leather has been positioned in key areas, making it more comfortable and easier to wear, despite long periods of use.

This Miller leather welding jacket may come in a reasonable price tag, but rest assured that it is made of high-grade pigskin, combined with Kevlar thread stitching for higher levels of durability, strength and protection too. Hence, the Miller Electric Welding Jacket offers a very reliable protection level, considering its flame-resistant cuff just about the wrist area.

Moreover, this pigskin jacket features a stand-up collar for better neck protection during overhead and vertical welding positions. While there are some negative reports about the jacket’s durability when it comes to overhead welding, it is always important to keep away any flammable items from its pockets in order to prevent any possible troubles.

Overall, the Miller Electric Welding Jacket is among the top rated jackets today, featuring a cuff style with fold-in snaps, snap button as closure type, with a 42-inch chest size and an overall construction made of 88% cotton and 12% nylon.

Hobart 770568 Flame Retardant Welding Jacket

The last item on the list is the Hobart 770568, which is a flame retardant welding jacket. This garment comes in an XXL size with an average rating of 4.5-Stars. It is one of the high quality jackets on the market, which is lightweight with long sleeves made of cotton, providing excellent comfort levels and reliable protective coverage.

This style is more ideal for warmer temperatures. Available in a dark gray color, the Hobart 770568 is constructed without lining, but with cowhide split leather design. It is a highly-recommended product by several customers, saying that they never feel suffocated, while wearing the garment. Hence, it offers a reliable level of protection despite the different welding positions.

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Compared to more expensive weld jackets, the Hobart 770568 does not only come in an affordable price tag, but also provides free movement. In fact, Hobart is among the manufacturers of heavy duty jackets with lightweight construction that focuses on flexibility and durability alike.

It slips on and off easily similar to most of the reviewed products in this article. Hence, it is very easy to wear and remove due to the four snap buttons, allowing a quick process without the complicated designs. Also, the entire fit allows for adequate space and proper fit for work gloves. However, few feedbacks indicate that while this black welding jacket offer optimum comfort and protection, more pockets should have been included for more storage compartments for knives, pens and other tools.

Overall, most of the actual users say that this welding garment fits perfectly, despite wearing an XXL shirt inside or any other size of inner shirt. Others also say that regardless a whole-day of welding activity, considering the sparks and all, the jacket still looks brand new.

Welding Jacket buying Guide

Each of the best brand of jackets is already mentioned in the entire review. But, there are more things you should consider as a potential buyer of such garment. Below are added information and tips if you are shopping for a weld jacket.

Best Materials for Weld Jackets

Keep in mind that the best welding jacket that will provide the utmost level of protection is made of either leather or suede, protecting your body and arms, while safely deflecting slag and sparks from the welding process. These garments are said to be very essential for welders who are working in colder temperatures as they need to keep warm, while enjoying protection at the same time.

If a suede or leather material is too heavy for your certain climate, you can also rely on cloth jackets as there are some manufacturers who design such. Most of these styles are composed of leather sleeves combined with leather body, plus an overall flame-resistant property.

While welding, it is also important to take note of the suitable clothing that you should wear inside your welding jacket. The best materials include leather, denim, wool and cotton. The worst material is composed of synthetics as these materials tend to melt and could cause serious burns on the skin. In fact, cotton too can be severely damaged by slag and sparks, but it will just smolder, snuffing out quickly so as to not harm your skin. Of course, the same goes with a welding coat.

Factors to Consider

When it comes to purchasing any product, there are always things that a potential buyer must consider. Below is a brief enumeration and discussion of the key factors worth considering when shopping for a weld jacket.

  • Welding Type – First of all, it is important to identify the type of welding to be carried out because the clothing largely depends on the welder’s position as well as the welding process. The different welding jobs such as MIG welding, Arc welding, and TIG welding require various welding gear types. Proper garment is necessary for protection and professionals strongly advise wearing a single jacket with long sleeves, including a collar that folds upward (stand-up collar) for neck guard. The majority of weld jackets are designed for light and moderate applications only, so it is imperative to pick one for heavy duty welding as temperatures could reach up to 1000 degrees, thus, proper protection is of utmost priority.
  • Price – The price of high-quality coats for welding also vary from one brand to the other. The overall style, construction and materials used also affect the price tag. As a buyer, you should be willing to shell out some extra cash if you want heavy duty jackets, obtaining maximum protection and safety simultaneously. Today, weld jackets are priced for as low as 23 dollars, while there are worth almost a hundred dollars from premium manufacturers.
  • Size – Referring to the featured products above, the size has been indicated in each brand/model, depending on their availability. There are some products offered exclusively in medium sizes, while there are some in different sizes, ranging from small to double-extra large sizes. It is a rule of the thumb that you should get the perfect fit, which simply means getting one size larger than your current shirt or sweatshirt. Overall, the garment should allow you to move freely because welding procedures also require different positions like vertical and overhead welding.
  • Fabric/Material – The fabric or materials used in the best jacket brands for welding also play a crucial role throughout the selection process. It was mentioned earlier that these garments are made of various materials, reiterating that leather or suede are the best choices. Furthermore, check if the material is fire-retardant for added durability.
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Other Essentials

Besides a weld coat, a welder should also consider the following gears because the upper body and arms do not only need protection, but also the other body parts.

  • Welding Helmet – A reliable welding helmet should have a minimum of four arc sensors, including an auto-darkening feature and various shade settings that help protect from flashes. These features result in optimum visibility and comfort at the same time.
  • Welding Gloves – Besides the really cool jackets for welding, a pair of weld gloves is equally essential. Primarily, the gloves will offer levels of protection for the hands that the jacket is incapable of covering.
  • Welding Apron – A welding apron works best in warmer temperatures, covering the lower and upper body portions. For light duty applications, there are cotton welding aprons, while leather aprons are made available for heavy duty welding.
  • Welding Bib – Investing in a welding bib is perfect for those working in stations wherein necks and shoulders are oftentimes hit by slag and sparks. This protective garment is typically attached to the helmet, providing a flawless protection for areas that the helmet cannot cover.
  • Work Boots – A pair of high-quality leather boots are said to be the perfect protective gear for a welder’s feet. Aside from protecting the feet from sparks, the boots will likewise offer protection and safety from falling objects throughout the job site.
  • Ear Plugs – Ear plugs are great addition to a welder’s arsenal. On top of the protection ear plugs offer, they also prevent hearing-related disorders, especially for those who are sensitive to noises produced by welding and other noise-irritating applications around a job site.

Basic Safety Measures

The different types of welding, especially the arc welding entails an electric arc, which operates at high current. It is always essential to ensure that you are wearing the proper protective gears and clothing, before engaging in such industrial procedures. Another thing to remember is to ensure that your clothing is dry without any flammable objects as you weld.

Wearing baggy clothes is a big NO-NO as well as wet clothing. Hence, clothing safety is very easy to learn without ignoring any of the provided tips because left ignored could result in quite painful experience while welding.


In a nutshell, the coolest jacket is not always equal to utmost durability, protection, and safety. It is wise to rely on the featured jackets, providing you with no less than the most reliable brands, alongside their efficient constructions and designs. Keep in mind that being safe during welding does not mean you should spend a lot because the price range of the featured products suits all kinds of budget.

Whether you are a professional welder or a weekend warrior, having and wearing the best welding jacket is a wise investment and a top priority, providing safety and protection with zero burns; thereby, increasing your productivity and an overall boost of the entire workforce.

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