Best Welding Sleeves Reviews 2020

A pair of protective welding sleeves is a great alternative to a welding jacket. If you are the type of person who prefers individual garments during a welding task, then this is the perfect option, pairing it with a good pair of welding gloves, a welding apron, a helmet, and some protective eyewear too.

These heat resistant arm sleeves will not only protect your arms during such tasks, but also keep you a lot cooler than a full-body jacket. It is simply because these garments are lighter in weight and significantly more comfortable than jackets.

These sleeves are very flexible as they can be used in other applications and purposes where you need to keep your arms protected, while being comfortable at the same time.

Without so much ado, it is now time to pick the best welder sleeves, depending on your personal tastes and preferences.

Best Welding Sleeves Reviews

Lincoln Electric Flame-Resistant Welding Sleeves

First on the list is the Lincoln Electric Flame-Resistant Welding Sleeves that gets an impressive 4.4-Star customer review average.

This pair of welder sleeves protects the arms of the user from welding heat and spatter. It is a very popular choice since it is created from a material which is 100% flame resistant for absolute protection.

Added with the fact that it only weighs 9 ounces for every square yard, features elastic cuffs ends that provides spatter protection and better hold, and uses split leather panels for added durability in areas where high wear occurs.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is basically specialized clothing, goggles, helmets, or other equipment that is used to protect its users from hazards that are related to particular tasks.

PPE is practically used in many environments like in laboratory and medical settings, industrial settings, fire and rescue, military, and of course construction. Such PPE is used basically in environments where hazards can occur.

Lincoln Electric Flame-Resistant Welding Sleeves are perfect for protecting the welder’s arms from both heat and of course, welding spatter. Many users love the fact that they can work for long hours because of its light weight.

Another plus is its perfect feel fit, and the fact that it also protects their arms from heat and UV damage. It will fit all arm sizes and its elastic cuffs secure the sleeves with no problems.

These flame-resistant arm sleeves are comfortable and provide enough protection comparable to the amount of protection common leather sleeves offer.

US Forge 99411 Welders Sleeve

Next on this list is the US Forge 99411 Welders Sleeve that gets an impressive rating average based on reviews by users.

It’s a pair of 9-ounce, 23-inch welders sleeves that utilizes fire stop sleeves added with elastic cuffs (1/2 inch) in both ends. The sleeves are not only comfortable and light; it’s crafted from 100% flame retardant cotton Proban FR7A.

It is perfect for protection even from light molten splash, sudden exposure to flames and sparks and yet, still washable.

This welding sleeve is perfect even for those who have long arms because of its 23 inch sleeve. It easily covers from the user’s wrist up to the bicep top, highly reducing the need to use common welding jackets or even other protective clothing usually used in welding.

They securely stay in place because of the elastic cuffs at the ends. As a result, using these sleeves assure protection from light molten splash, sudden flash exposure and most specially, burns from sparks.

Though these aren’t really advisable for heavy duty welding tasks, it is still a good idea to have a pair as it is perfect for light and medium welding. Rather than using heavy and bulky gear, this US Forge 99411 is more comfortable and lighter to use.

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A few reviews states that the only negative on these sleeves is that the elastic ends and cotton material may not look too rigid. Some think it would not withstand long term abuse, and the need to repurchase replacements will occur fairly soon. The good news is, at least replacements are fairly cheap!

Revco Industries BSX Double Layer Kevlar Sleeves

The BSX Double Layer Kevlar Sleeves from Revco Industries is another common choice and highly recommended by users. With a 4.0-Star average customer rating from reviews, these Kevlar welding sleeves are certainly worth considering.

Probably the most noticeable and distinguishing feature of these protective sleeves is its thumb hole. As with other sleeves, sweaters or arm warmers that do have thumb holes, aside from being comfortable, it stays in place securely.

Perfect for long hours of welding as it also protects both the palms, backs, and forearms of the hands. It is also switchable allowing the user to wear each sleeve on both arms.

This makes it even more convenient because the user doesn’t need to figure out which sleeve is for which arm.

Compared to other common welder sleeves, this pair of Kevlar arm sleeves does away of the irritating hems and seams around the end of the palms. This removes the uncomfortable and highly annoying feeling.

The Kevlar knit feature is super strong and provides needed resistance against cuts, abrasion, punctures, and also heat involved during welding. It also effectively protects the user from flames and sparks.

The only negative mentioned about the BSX Double Layer Kevlar Sleeves in some reviews is its knitted structure. Some stated that it is not ideal during hot summer weather and that the sleeves are bit stretchy and may loosen over time.

Despite of these, many still appreciate the Kevlar knit for its protective properties, an essential factor when it comes to hazards involved in every welding task.

Mechanix Wear Heat Sleeves

The Mechanix Wear Heat Sleeves is another gear worth considering, having a 4.5-Star average rating based on customer reviews.

The use of heat sleeves in protecting one’s arms is common in many different fields. Like when you’re on the track, or probably doing some welding tasks, slipping on these Kevlar arm protectors helps in protecting the user’s arms from various hazards like burns and lacerations.

These particular Mechanix heat sleeves are so effective because it is Fibreshield treated, enabling it to even resist fluids. The Fibreshield treatment coats the sleeves and gives it higher protection levels than non-treated sleeves. These sleeves can repel corrosive liquids, fuels and oils, keeping the user’s arms not only safe but also dry.

Added with the fact it is made with 100% Kevlar, perfect for critical heat protection, makes these sleeves one of the best protective gear available today. The Kevlar knit gives this sleeve the capability to protect the user from high heat and flames.

These Kevlar arm protectors are surprisingly also great for cooler or even winter temperatures, because it can be used to stay really warm and feel cozy

Both the 18 inch sleeves feature thumbholes that assure a secure fit added with the fact that it is machine washable, makes it a very convenient gear to use. These heat resistant arm sleeves fit easily over the hands and are extremely comfortable while providing impressive protection.

Overall, the Mechanix Wear Heat Sleeves offer good value especially that it comes as a pair compared to other sleeves that are usually sold as a single piece.

BLACK STALLION Reinforced FR Sleeves

Last on the list, but not the least, is the BLACK STALLION Reinforced FR Sleeves, with a 4.4-Star average customer rating, these protective gear combines performance and style.

Superb protection and cool red flame styling make this sleeve a famous choice for many welders. The Black Stallion BSX is perfect for those who prefer not to wear thick, heavy and bulky welding jackets especially during hot weather.

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Weighing at only 9 oz, this welding sleeve is perfect for those in search for equipment that offers good protection yet light enough to move even after long hours of working.

Aside from being light, comfortable wide elastics and FR cotton protective washable cuffs make sure the sleeve stays securely in place. Its 19 inches length assures fit for any built, providing superb protection.

The layers of materials used are reinforced making it a very reliable flame resistant sleeve. Heat, sparks and welding splatter is no match against the rigidness and protective attributes of the Black Stallion BSX sleeve.

It is perfect for light to medium welding tasks or working environments under the heat of the scorching sun. A welder can just wear regular inner clothes rather than big and bulky welding jackets.

The BLACK STALLION Reinforced FR Sleeve is perfect for any type of welding task, whether its light, medium or heavy welding works. It provides the much needed protection yet allows the user to work comfortably, work freely, because of its light weight and look cool anytime while doing a welding job.

Welding Sleeves Buying Guide

In most or probably all welding applications, making sure all exposed skin is protected by some sort of covering is so important. This is to assure that no welding exposure leads to skin burns or other injuries.

This is where good welding equipment comes in handy, not just an option but a must! Having high quality welding protective gear provides needed and maximum protection to any welder.

Importance of Protective Gear

In any working environment, especially those that involve hazards, wearing proper protective gear is a must. Welding tasks are not exempted in fact wearing protective gear like welding sleeves, jackets, gloves, aprons, gloves and helmets is a requirement.

Too much exposure to high heat, sparks and welding splatter can cause severe damage and certainly a lot of hassle. By using the right equipment, any welding task, may it be light or heavy jobs would be a breeze and successful.

How and Where to Search

All it takes is proper understanding and enough research to make sure that you are completely protected from any harsh and hazardous welding debris. The simple way to find out which welding gear works the best is to ask for recommendation from experienced friends in order to know which protective gear worked best for them.

To further help with the selection process, it is important to take advantage of the power of the internet. Finding the right protective gear would be a breeze if one does a proper and thorough internet research and find out which protective gear works well.

Visiting various manufacturing websites can help narrow down your choices. Most sites show detailed reviews provided by many experienced buyers on the welding equipment products they have tried.

Factors to Consider

The top choices for welding aprons with sleeves had been discussed already so now, let’s tackle the process of selecting the right gear for the job. It is not as simple as going to a shop and pick the first one you see.

One must consider several factors in order to really know which product would work best. Here are some of the most important things to consider when one plans to buy such gear.

Fabric and Material – In choosing welder sleeves, knowing what kind of material would work best is a must. This of course would highly depend on the welding task at hand. By knowing the needed level amount of protection and specific features that would help, one can easily decide which gear to purchase.

For heavy welding tasks, using a welding jacket that is crafted with heavy and rigid materials underneath the protective sleeves is a must. This goes to all welding protective gear as well. When the welding environment is quite hot, choosing a light and comfortable protective sleeve gear and any other welding gear are ideal.

Length/Size – After choosing the right protective sleeves basing on the material used, it’s important that the fit of said gear is dead on. It must not be tight, and it must not be too loose. When the fit is too tight, movement of the welder would be restricted. It would feel uncomfortable and of course, hot.

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When it’s too loose, the welder will certainly commit mistakes or worse, face accidents. To make your selecting process easier, there are one-size-fits-all sleeves available.

Flexibility – It is also important to consider the flexibility of the materials used in creating such sleeves. Some sleeves are heavy and thick, though these probably offer more protection, some sleeves are light in weight but more convenient and comfortable to use.

Using a flexible sleeve helps welders move freely with little or no restriction. A flexible protective gear, whether a welding jacket, apron, gloves, or any other equipment gives the user a chance to work in tight spaces without any problem.

Color – Choosing the right color is also a crucial part in purchasing any welding equipment, it is advisable to choose dark colored gear. This is to lengthen the interval of needing to wash the gear.

Another thing to consider is if the materials used bleed under extreme heat, moisture or working for long hours. Many other sleeves or other welding gear available today, mess up the inner clothes by stains due to color bleeding.

Workplace and Climate – Considering the area and the climate where you will work on is always important in order to select the best welding gear.

For heavy welding tasks, use of other welding gear like a welding jacket along with such welding sleeves is advisable. When the climate is too hot or it is in a tight spot, use of these light and comfortable protective sleeves are highly recommended.

Quality and Pricing – Obviously, any purchase would highly depend on one’s budget. It is important to know though, that affordable doesn’t always equate to the right buy.

It is important to know first why you are buying the said gear. Knowing the task at hand is crucial in figuring out whether you are purchasing the right welders sleeves. Focus on the features that would work great, not just the price.

Other Applications

Aside from welding tasks, such protective welding sleeves can be used in other fields and applications. It is perfect when one needs to carry rough stuff like a bundle of Christmas tree with leaves sticking out. Some use it as arm protection while cooking or grilling, which involves high temperatures.

The sparks of grinding can be also very damaging, especially when it hits the skin, use of such protective sleeves can also help. Mechanics also love using such sleeves as they often handle hot engine parts.


Buying the right protective equipment like Kevlar arm protectors can be confusing because of the abundant available options in the market today. The guideline discussed say it all, from recommended sleeves, to tips on how to figure out the right gear for you aims to make life a bit easier when it comes to welding.

Hopefully, this will help you in identifying which of the following sleeves would work best for you. It is essential to make sure to read multiple reviews, both negative and positive reviews in order to be able to perform a detailed comparison.

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