Essential Equipment needed for Arc Welding

Though arc welding requires relatively the basic components and equipment, but it is more than important for a welder or operator to have all the knowledge regarding the equipment which are needed at the time of welding. At the same time, it is also very essential to have the know-how about how those equipment are operated. Actually, without having this information a welder will find everything easy and work-friendly. On the contrary, without having such info can cause to serious level of accident and damage at any time.
In this tip article, we will be describing all the essential equipment which are needed for arc welding. We believe that this information will help a welder to get to know all about arc welding equipment. So, your job is to study the whole thing without even missing a single portion in order to have a complete idea regarding this matter.

MMA ARC DC Inverter Welder Portable Welding Machine

List Equipment for Arc Welding

The most essential equipment which are required for arc welding are listed in the following:

  • Power source
  • Electrode holder & cables
  • Protective components
  • Fume extraction system

Power Source

MMA ARC DC Inverter Welder Portable Welding Machine

At the very initial section, we will explain about the power source which is mentioned in the top in the list mentioned above. The most primary and basic function of the power source of a welding procedure is providing enough power for melting the joint. However, for operating the arc, high voltage of power is required otherwise it will not be possible to melt the mentioned joint. For this purpose, a special type of constant current flow is used.
In this case, MMA electrodes are used because these electrodes are designed in such a way so that these can work with the direct current known as DC and alternating current known as AC power sources. However, you should know one important thing in this case which is that you can use all types of AC electrodes on DC current, but you cannot use all the DC current on AC power sources.
Currently, there are mainly 4 basic kinds of power sources which are used all around the globe. These four types are mentioned below:

  • AC transformer
  • DC rectifier
  • DC generator
  • AC/DC transformer rectifier
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Electrode holder & cables

An Electrode Holder & Cable

An Electrode holder & cable

Now, let’s talk about the electrode holder and the cables which is another important component use for arc welding. The electrode holder is basically placed and joined at the end point of the electrode with the help of copper shoes. These shoes are functioned with either the spring loaded mechanism or, a twist-grip. In order to get efficiency from the electrode, the holder and electrode must be firmly joined or, clamped. Any kind of loose joint may cause fluctuations in the voltage flow.

Protective Components

At the time welding, it is very important that the welder should be adequately protected from any kind of danger, for example, light radiation and heat which are emitted from arc, spatter come from weld pool and also from the welding fume.

For almost all types of arc welding tasks, a welding helmet and hand shield is given to the welder. The shields are made of light weight material so that the welder does not feel any problem at the time of welding. There is a shield glass which protects the welder from any kind of ultraviolet rays and heat. On the basis of current level of welding, the shade number of the shield varies.

Shade 9: up to 40A
Shade 10: 40A to 80A
Shade 11: 80A to 175A
Shade 12: 1750A to 300A
Shade 13: 300A to 500A

  • Clothing

At the same time, the welder should wear hand gloves which are made of leather in order to get complete protection from any kind of slag o burns caused by the hot spatter or sparks.

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Fume extraction system

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If the arc welding is taken place in a welding shop, then there should be proper ventilation system which will work for the extraction of the welding fume. You must have to concentrate on this issue otherwise the welder may face various types of problems for the harmful effects of ultra violate rays and hot fume caused by arc welding.
Through reading the above discussion, we can tell that you have got a complete knowledge about the most essential equipment required for arc welding.

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