Five Reasons to Learn Pipe Welding

Many welders agree to the fact that pipe welding is one of the most difficult welding skill that you can learn from a welding school. As a matter of fact, many students switch in the middle of learning pipe welding to another welding sector. But many young welders are unaware of the fact that pipe welding pays a lot!

Various experienced welders agree to the fact that, if you quit in the middle of learning pipe welding, you are going to regret it shortly. Many welders even with ten plus years of experience say that they want to go back and learn pipe welding again! That is because of three key factors – remorse, job security and demand, and cash.

Pipe Weld

Many welders long for pipe welding skill and want to back in the welding schools to learn it. They want it because, after a few years down the welding route, they will have other responsibilities to deal with. One might have a family or other liabilities.

An extra set of skills will come in handy that kind of scenario. As a result, they have to work more to keep things in balance for their family. So if you are just starting out in a welding school, you might want to get your mind to it and learn pipe welding.

If You Can Weld a Pipe, You Can Weld Almost Anything

Pipe welding can be a difficult skill to master for many welders. For example, keeping the travel angle in place can be very hard depending on the material and size of the pipe. The travel angle tends to change according to the diameter of the pipe. Pipes are frequently located in such places that are hard to reach. The pipe welding itself calls for much more skill level in general.

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If you can master pipe welding, you are bound to become an all-rounder in the welding job. If you want to switch to other welding jobs, that is. Check the pipe welding in action here:

Excellent Career Choice

If you are skilled at pipe welding, you can move around places all over the United States. Some of the favorite locations are North Dakota, Texas, Alaska, Louisiana, California and New Mexico. All of these places mentioned are full of welding jobs up for grab as due to the oil and energy industries.

You can even move around the world if you want to. Pipe welding jobs are available in German, Africa South America and many other parts of the world.

Security and Good Wages

A welder earns a good amount of salary. There are always welding opportunities for them. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the skilled welders are very popular in the job market. A welder makes $38,150 on average according to the BLS (May 2015).

The scenario is drastically different when pipe welders come into play. They made $60,650 at the very least in 2015. The gap $24,080 difference is quite big for pipe welders. By looking at the welding and manufacturing jobs, we can see that pipe welding is a skill to learn.

welding salary

Work in many different industries

Pipe welding skills come in handy when as a welder you think about switching jobs as well. The gas pipelines offer a good amount of employment opportunities. To be honest, they are not the only one providing jobs too.

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Learning skills from other industries can be valuable. They open up many doors of opportunities that you might think were nonexistent. By having the knowledge and experience from different job sectors, you are making yourself very attractive to the potential employers.

travel world

Flexible and long-term job

There will always be a high demand for welders as there is a new structure is up and running. This is particularly the case for the pipe welders. You can choose to work at a firm, or you can be a freelancer and start your welding shop as well. You can then work for your employers who needs the particular welding jobs to be finished.

Even though pipe welding is not for everyone, if you are skilled enough at your job, you can shine in the job world.

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