Give Your Welding Helmet the Right Maintenance It Needs

Why is it important to take care of your welding helmet?



Indeed, it would be too foolish on your part if you try to use your welding helmet without checking it first whether it is safe to use or not at all, so make sure that you are not using a defective welding helmet. Regardless of the price, quality and type of the welding helmet that you use, it is vitally important to clean your helmet on a regular basis and store it in a place where you can keep it securely. There are certain reasons why you should take good care of your welding headgear whether you like it or not. First, maintaining it well would mean cutting down on expenses on your part since you do not need to buy a replacement every now and then because your helmet will stay in good condition for a long time.  Second, wearing a defective helmet while you are working can injure you, and you certainly do not want it to happen to you. Third, you cannot work properly if you are using a defective welding headgear.

Tools you will need for maintaining your helmet



It is best to prepare the tools that you will be using before you start cleaning your helmet. When you do so, you can clean the helmet properly and very quickly as well.

  • The user’s manual

First, you should check out the user’s manual for more information on specific cleaning procedures or cleansers recommended for the helmet as this will guarantee you a better cleaning procedure for the specific type of helmet that you use.

  • The manufacturer’s website

Second, the manufacturer’s website is also a good place to visit to get some useful advice.

  • Extra batteries

Third, you need to keep some extra batteries handy for battery-powered helmets.

  • Accessories

Fourth, you should never forget to prepare some soft tissues, wipes, plain water, a soft brush and lens solution.

  • Screws and a screwdriver

Last, have several screws and a screwdriver ready.

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Ways you can do to give the welding helmet the proper care it needs


When maintaining your helmet, be sure to check all its parts thoroughly on a regular basis.

Step 1: You should start off with the lens. You see the lens usually may be clogged with particles of any kind or dusts. It can get dirty too easily as well. That is why to try to clean it thoroughly so that you can see clearly while using it. Use a soft brush to dust off the lens at first. Use water, lens solution or wipes to clean its surfaces. Try to use a soft tissue to dry it.

Take note that the helmet’s protective layers, particularly those that function to protect you against the IR and UV rays, are quite delicate that you must clean them in a more delicate manner. Basically, the lens should be wiped out right after using it.

Step 2: After examining the lens, it is necessary to inspect all parts of the welding headgear. Try to see if there are a few or several parts that are defective or not working at all because you have to replace them at once, otherwise it will compromise your safety.

Step 3: Also, try to check your helmet for dents or cracks. Try to check if there is a crack on the lens as it can break anytime and might hurt you. Find out if there are any screws that are missing, and try to replace them at once. Loose screws can also cause harm eventually. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws.

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Step 4: Store your helmet in a proper way. Choose a good storage spot for the helmet as this can help prolong its lifespan. Pick out a stable, solid and covered area where the helmet can be stored very securely without any possibility of falling or getting any dents or bruises. The lens must be taken into careful consideration as it is very sensitive, so place your helmet in such as way that the lens is well protected and does not touch any surfaces to prevent it from getting scratched. Moreover, avoid keeping the helmet in a place where the temperature is very humid as this will encourage the growth of bacteria.

Reminders you should take note when cleaning the welding headgear

Although the cleaning procedure is basically almost the same for all helmets, there are certain things that you must keep in mind when cleaning different helmet types. For battery-powered helmets, remove the batteries before you begin the cleaning procedure. It is always a good idea to use new batteries after cleaning the welding headgear. For solar-powered helmets, try to clean the battery section with a certain degree of caution.For helmets with multiple layers of the protective lens, the lens should be removed and cleaned well so that you can achieve the clearest viewing capacity.

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