Jackson Safety W40 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

Although this helmet looks more like a computer module straight out of Star Wars than a welder’s helmet, the high-tech Jackson Safety W40 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is indeed one of the most innovative helmet products out in the market today.

If you’re an employer or contractor, purchasing a whole bunch of these helmets for your workers and welders usage are in your best interests because you want to give your employees the right tools to enable them to work safely, efficiently, and superbly.

In turn, the Jackson Safety W40 Welding Helmet is also the welder’s choice in helmet thanks to how topnotch its overall quality is. It gives you a clear view of what you’re working on and its sensors automatically darken your visor to match the glare or flash of your arc welder.

Safety and Comfort are Top Priorities

The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of Jackson Safety prioritizes comfort and safety above anything else. That’s arguably the whole point of a welder helmet. You want protection for your eyes from glare and your face from welding sparks.

Jackson Safety creates more than just auto-darkening welding helmets. They also make eye and face protection, respiratory masks, gloves, and safety glasses. Jackson Safety is a company you can count on in terms of protecting your valuable work processes as well as your employees.

This is most certainly apparent with its INSIGHT Variable Auto Darkening technology that darkens with various shades in accordance to the intensity of your welding. It makes use of WH40 Series Auto Dark Filters that are smart enough to give you shade without sacrificing vision clarity.

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A Trustworthy ADF Welding Helmet

The Jackson Safety W40is a trustworthy welding helmet that provides excellent value for its price by having smart filters that enable the welder to adapt to various working environments and welding conditions. You’ll be able to control the shade of the lens by offering the right sensitivity adjustments.

From there, the helmet automatically does the work for you in accordance to your customizations. It’s automatically reactive to the situation but you still have a semblance of control to how it reacts as you weld or grind all sorts of steel workpieces. Employers particularly approve of how their employees are given the freedom to focus on their task at hand without distractions.

Jackson Safety W40 Specifications

  • Clear Quality Lens, Variable shade (9-13)
  • Auto-Darkening Filter (ADF), with Easy-to-Use Digital Controls
  • Sensitivity and Delay Adjustments
  • 4 Independent Auto-Dimming Sensors
  • Wide Viewing Area (3.93 Inches by 2.36 Inches)
  • Compatibility with the HLX100 and HSL 100 Shells
  • CSA-Compliant and Meets ANSI Z87.1+2010 Standards
  • Works in Various Environments through Light Sensitivity Adjustments
  • Grind and Weld Modes (for Arc Welding, Tig Welding, and Mig Welding)

Jackson Safety W40 Review

“The Jackson Safety W40 INSIGHT is something I have to recommend to every serious welder professional out there. When I was starting out in the realm of construction and welding, I mostly used a cheap auto darkening helmet and never gave it a second thought. I was under the belief that there’s no sense in splurging for such apparel.

However, when I finally got my hands on the INSIGHT, I quickly changed my mind. It’s worth every cent and penny I invested on it and more since it requires a little adjustment to work, allowing me to concentrate on my welding without being distracted by my helmet.”

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The Jackson Safety W40 scored an editor rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars and has 46+ reviews.

Things to Improve

The Jackson Safety W40 has its share of improvements too. For one thing, it doesn’t have as much head coverage as some other helmet products out there. There are complaints by reviewers of the device concerning its coverage or lack thereof.

It might feel quite cramped by some people who wear it even when the head strap is adjusted all the way out, especially those with rather large heads. Your nose or ears might hit the inside of the helmet, giving you claustrophobia or a feeling of suffocation in hot or humid work areas.

Furthermore, it’s not as sturdy as other offerings out there as well for something that’s ANSI-rated. It also lacks a Lock in Dark Mode and Grind Mode is only available for Shade 4.


Despite its (admittedly minor) weaknesses, the Jackson Safety W40 is otherwise the perfect helmet for the welder. It’s what pros use, essentially. After all, it features grinding and welding modes that are conspicuously absent in many other helmets out there.

Although it’s said to be cramped for some heads, it has a large enough window to let you see what you’re doing and concentrate on it without getting distracted by flashes or glare from the device since you’re afforded a larger field of view. It’s also high-tech enough to include an LCD readout and digitally adjustable sensitivity settings. DO check out other welding helmet reviews too!

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