Lincoln Viking vs. Miller Digital: A Comparison between Two Elite Welding Helmets

The Miller’s Digital Elite and Lincoln’s Viking 3350 is known to be two of the best welding helmets available in the market right now. There is not much information available when it comes to head-to-head comparison between these two. In this guide, we will compare these headgears and will provide you all the information you are going to need.

Before we start sharing the facts regarding these headgears, we would like to state that, both of these are top of the line in the market. One who got either of them is unlikely to get another helmet anytime soon. Before we go around the pros and cons, we would like to say that both of these products have many features in common.

According to individual comfort level and preference, the final choice may differ. We will start comparing these by looking at the similar features between these two headgears.

What Lincoln and Miller’s Welding Helmets Share?

Both units have four sensors and some lens shades to provide maximum eye protection and excellent visibility. You will be able to perform many welding operations such as MIG weld, TIG weld, tack weld and stick weld using either of these.

Both the Viking 3350 and Digital Elite provides excellent grinding mode to enable you to do various prepping applications. Without this feature, it is impossible to work on grinding operations.

Both units share similar power input system. Both the Viking 3350 and Digital Elite has a battery and solar power input. Users can swap between the energy sources at ease.

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Both units are very comfortable to wear and capable of adapting to hard hats. The Digital Elite is known to have better cranking mechanism, which provides the ability to keep the helmet upwards without sliding it down.

Both units have magnifying glass preinstalled.

Advantage Lincoln

The main reason why Viking 3350 goes ahead of the Digital Elite is due to the price point. A Viking 3350 can be bought for anywhere around $50-$100. Prices fluctuate so much around the web that it is almost pointless to wait for a better deal.  The price between the two according to Baker’s Gas and Welding is around $40. In any case, the Viking 3350 costs less on an even basis.

There are a few more plus points for the Viking 3350. For instance, the viewing angle is a bit wider. It’s 3.74 x 3.34 compared to 3.85 x2.38 in the Digital Elite. Also, the extra lens of the Viking headgear is a standard size one. You can buy it off any welding store.

On the other hand, Miller’s unit uses a custom built set of the lens which is not available in most hardware shops. This single issue might be the one to set the Viking ahead for many. Many people want to change the lens while working on a project on Sundays. This is a big con for them.

The lens speed of both head gear is almost identical. The Viking edges out in this aspect as the speed is 1/25000 in comparison to that of Miller’s 1/20000.

Many welders use the Digital Elite Helmet, especially for the overhead welding jobs. But it is not the only one that is capable of the task. The Viking is just as efficient and probably more so in these sorts of operations.

Advantage Miller

The most attractive feature of the Digital Elite is the X mode that you can switch On and Off. You can modify this setting regarding the possibility of getting flashed in tight specs when working in pipelines. This is a big pro for some welders and the single reason to get it.

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X-mode can spot the electromagnetic field around the welding arc. It also provides continuous eye protection. Many welders keep this mode on which saves them from sudden flashes if that ever happens.

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We have stated all the necessary facts and features you need to make the big decision, choosing between these two helmets. Both of them will serve you good through protecting your eyes and all the features a modern helmet can provide. The price point might not be a significant factor while can become the key point when making the decision.

Choose the Viking if you want more features with comparatively less price. On the other hand, you can pick the Digital Elite if you need the X-Mode. Find out what is best for you and choose one!

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