MIG Welding: The Complete Guide

MIG welding technique needs precision and expertise to get the things done in the right way. Every step needs to be taken care of, the ampere, the heat flow – each and every aspect deserves to be looked after. It is a semi-automatic technique designed in the 1940s, thus requires to be handled only by the experts.

Things To Be Kept In Mind While Going For MIG Welding


There are many things which need to be taken care of while doing the weld by the MIG welding technique.

  • The puddle always needs to be pushed. The pulling of the puddle will not give you a smooth weld. The welding of the aluminum needs always to be done by pushing wherever possible to get a clean and precise welding experience.
  • The burn can be avoided by using the stick outs that are long. This is important because the puddle never touches the wire. This is the most important part of your welding. You must be very precise and careful about it. As the miss-out on this aspect of the MIG welding, all your hardwork will turn out to be in vain.
  • The gas that is to be used as the inert must also be chosen very carefully. The various gases that can be used as the inert in the MIG welding technique are Argon, Carbon dioxide and helium. The most feasible of all is the Argon gas. Helium can also be used. The mix of Helium and Argon is the best you can do. The outcome which you get after the welding is dependent on the inert gas you will be using. So choose wisely.
  • MIG welding also requires the choice of the material to be welded. Much thinner sheets of metal is hard to weld and not even a viable choice that is to be made.
  • The tuning of the settings is also to be made. The finer the tuning the best will be the outcome. You need to train yourself for the same. Because the setting and tuning that each metal requires for the welding is different from the other. You can also go to an expert to know about the settings that are to be done for the material you are welding.
  • Another rule that you can follow – if you are an amature welder and new in the field of using MIG welding technique always make sure, you do the rough work first. Try to do the welding on sheets that are of no use now. This will help you get the perfection, and once you are ready go ahead and become the genius welder.


To further improve the quality of welding and to make it look more net and clean, you can also choose to follow three tricks.

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Explore them as below:

  • The first one is to keep the joint clean before the welding starts and it should be a regular job. The MIG technique requires taking care of various things. The machine should be oil free, dirt free, paint free and most importantly rusting on the machine is a crime, so don’t ever let the machine suffer from this disease. The joints of the machine are more prone to corrosion. So make sure you clean the joints regularly.
  • The set-up of the Machine is the second most important thing. The shielding, the wire free speed and the voltage set up are the most essential part of the MIG welding machine. This part of the job is hardly mentioned. This is the reason that we need to understand the setting up of the MIG welding machine. Since it is a semi-automatic machine as mentioned earlier it requires a bit of the skill and a hard work while you train yourself to use the welding technique in a very useful manner.
  • The third and the most important part is the Short arc process. It should be kept a bit small as the long arc may lead to burns in the back of the machine which you would really not be happy about. All these techniques will be just a vain if this little trick is not taken care of.

Now that you have known the basics of MIG welding inside out, move ahead and explore it to the best!

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