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Miller Bobcat 225
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  • Miller Bobcat 225
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Review Summary:

Miller Bobcat 225 is an excellent invention for modern civilization. Miller Bobcat 225 is actually tough as well as durable and it is a great choice for individuals who require several welding devices. It is famous for their own quality, worth and overall performance. Its multiple process weld result, high power and also the reliability causes it to be a well-liked choice within welding business. You don’t have time with regard to breakdowns.

Product Description:

The Miller Bobcat 225 is really a multi process welder as well as generator. It’s used mainly for stay welding, though it is also used with regard to MIG as well as TIG welding too. If you intend on mainly doing MIG or even TIG welding it is suggested to review a number of the other welder machines.
Miller Bobcat 225 Welder measuring 28″× 20″× 40 1/2″ includes two canister 23 hp Kohler gasoline engine. It offers safer, better working environment for you personally and your own crew through producing peaceful and much better sound. It’s ideal to make use of around private hospitals, businesses as well as residential places.

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Let us take a look at the key features that come with this motor driven welding generator that means it is a highly regarded machine in the market.
i) Power: Miller Bobcat 225 provides 11, 000w Peak Power for the majority of the applications such as motor beginning, plasma cutting etc. The constant power could be delivered as much as 9500w.
ii) Sleek Power Delivery: The groundbreaking 10 level skewed rotor design optimizes the actual performance associated with generator to provide smooth power and never the increase power as made by many additional generators.
iii) Design: The brand new Miller Bobcat 225 is actually lightweight and also the compact design easily fits in the trucks or even trailers.
iv) Low Maintenance: Miller BOBCAT 225 motor operated welder is really a low maintenance machine that helps to ensure regular maintenance with a hassle free task.


Series: Bobcat 225

Rated Output AC: 150A/25V at duty cycle 100%

Rated Output DC: 225A/25V at duty cycle 100%

Amperage range: 50 to 225

AC Stick Tig: 70 to 150 Amps

DC Stick Tig: 50 to 225 Amps

Continuous Power: 9500W

Peak Power: 11,000W

Phase: 1

Processes: Stick, Flux-Cored, Mig, DC-Tig, Non-Critical AC Tig, Air Carbon Arc and Plasma Cutting. Great for: Stick and Flux-Cored welding

Pros of the product:

√ The welder is ideal for ranch or even farms work and with regard to maintenance or even repair procedures.
√ It offers quality welds for those types associated with metals.
√ The actual DC operates smooth as well as easy, while the actual AC is ideal for when arc blows happen.
√ Useful as well as convenient upkeep displays display engine several hours and the number of hours left prior to the next essential oil change.
√ The 12 gallon tank permits long operate times.

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Cons of the product:

According to the online market reviews, basically Miller BOBCAT 225 contains a lot of positive reviews. But in rare cases a little problem is seen such as its multiple process welder is equally as handy as its electrical generator.


In conclusion I an articulate that the brand new Miller Bobcat 225 is a perfect choice for individuals who need the welder in addition to generator to get the job done. It provides you with the ease of having both functions in a single unit, thereby preventing the trouble of getting two separate items.

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