Welder-Plasma Cutter Combination – Yes or NO?

When going for a new welding setup, the plasma cutter is a very useful feature you should seek. If you already took the big decision regarding getting a new welder (either MIG or TIG one), it would be magnificent to get something that has a plasma cutter feature pre-installed. They will enable you to make the spotless and rapid cut.

If you decide not to go for a welder with a plasma cutter, you might end up with metal cuts that you cannot weld. The cutting capability is the prime feature; we get it. But you will be better off with a machine that welds the metal piece with greater reliability. You cannot afford to get clumsy when it comes to deciding the perfect welder for your job.

Have You Brought a Lousy Welder?

Most welding machines with welder-cutter feature tends to come in built-in Stick, TIG, MIG, and plasma cutter altogether. Some of the renowned units are ideal for both welding and cutting. Best decision here would be to go for a unit from a well-known brand such as Miller Electric/Lincoln Electric combination unit.

Many welders choose to have a unit dedicated to a single task. They produce final units, which are on par with the standard. But you cannot look down upon other units just because your one has a plasma cutter built in. Making inquiries, reading reviews and doing research on different forums is always a magnificent idea before making a big purchase.

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What Do You Need in a Plasma Cutter?

Many different plasma cutter units are available in the market. Higher power units can cut through thicker metals where lower power units are better suited for thinner materials. The following questions should be taken into consideration before making an investment on plasma cutter:

  • Will you be cutting through thicker or thinner metal?
  • How frequently do you intend to use the plasma cutter unit?
  • Does your job require a product with portability feature included?
  • Can you provide extra power to the units if needed?
  • Which model of the generator are you planning to use for the unit?
  • Are there fluctuations in your electricity flow?

The plasma cutters are considered the best cutter units because they can do clean cuts through any metal. Depending on your requirement, they are capable of making thin, straight cut with the lowest level of alteration.

If your job requires you to make long cuts, you should pay attention to the power supply unit that you are going to use for the plasma cutter unit. Also, ensure that they are capable of heavy-duty power cycles.

How to Choose the A Good Plasma Cutter?

Now that you know about the much-needed facts and other relevant information, you should now take a step forward and look for a unit that suits your need. Points to be considered here are price, specifications, and performance.

You can take a look at our reviews on different products. Here is a list of the key points that you need to keep in mind when making the choice:

  • Plasma cutters mostly work with two different types of voltage settings – 110v and 220v. The dual voltage plasma-cutter units can administer both voltage settings. They have they very own features. You need a unit, which can switch between voltages because they will allow you to review the cutting sections and make cleaner quicker cuts.]
  • You need to pay attention to the touch lid of your plasma cutter. They are considered the most critical component of a plasma cutter. A torn, defective top will fail to make a proper arc, which is needed for precision cuts that are crack free. It will also allow the materials to be chipped off at places.
  • Go for a test drive. Check your plasma cutter units before you decide to buy it. It will ensure the fact that it is operational and safe. If the current rating deviates too much, try to look for another unit.
  • Look for warranty feature. If your plasma cutter does not come with a warranty, you should look for products that provide a guarantee. Do not make an investment of this magnitude that does not come with proper guarantee/warranty policy. Be smart and buy from renowned and trusted sellers to avoid being ripped off.
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Should You Avoid Combination Units?

When you are planning to use your welding machine on a heavy-duty basis, you should not depend on just one unit. It is true that you will be better off with a single combination unit if you are a weekend welder. You will be able to complete the job in hand even if one unit breaks down on you.

Due to the current price of plasma cutting units, these combination units do offer some lucrative deals!

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