How To Start A Welding Contractor Business?

Working for someone as a welder can be frustrating at some point. If that happens, you might be better off starting your contracting firm. The business is proven to be quite profitable and lucrative. If fact, it is one of the most sought out jobs in many countries. That is because the skillset is quite demanding. There are a few drawbacks as well. You have to be ready to face new challenges and organize everything in an orderly fashion.

Jobs such as scheduling, marketing, and every other daily chore must be carefully completed. The profit comes at a price; you need to be ready to spend quite a bit of time in the business and hard working. Following is a list of tips which will give you a head start on your very own welding business.

  • First and foremost, you have to be a certified welder. That is if you are not already. You need get registered in an accredited welding and gain the necessary knowledge, skills and experience. After getting proper training, you can go ahead and apply for a welder’s license. The requirement for application and certification may vary from country to country. Whatever the case is, you need to sit on certification exams and job experience. The certification and test will cost about $300-400. Search and find out the requirement in your area and get in touch with the licensing board.
  • After getting the welder’s license, you can venture on your journey. Start by working in different jobs as a mobile welder. This will save you quite a few bucks as you do not have to pay for your welding store. Another plus point is that you get to venture into different areas and gain varied experience. You will be able to get your hands ready by working in various jobs and get a good grip on the paying rates. After that, you can decide which type of job to pursue and which pays the most. After you do this sort of jobs for a while, you can open up your place.
  • Next step is to rent a shop and get a hold of all the necessary insurance. Make sure to get liability insurance and for your employees, go for the worker’s compensation insurance. Look around and contact different insurance agencies to get the best possible rate.
  • After you found your place and got all the necessary insurance policies, you can then start to get your supply for the shop. The inventory may include, welding gears, equipment cylinders, exhaust systems, welding safety gear, cables, welding blankets, grinders and much other equipment depending on necessity. Make sure to invest in the worker’s compensation insurance too. For the best possible rates, contact some insurance agencies.
  • Now it is time to get yourself a good automobile to use as your primary work vehicle. You will-will need it to advertise and other marketing procedures on this vehicle. It is known to be a fabulous way to gain the attention necessary from your clients. It will help the business grow. Next, you might want to contact other contractors such as plumbers and electricians and let them know about you and your new business. Make sure that they understand that you re-open for business and is capable of providing the services you are offering. The stronger the network the faster the business will grow.
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Having your welding firm can be a bit stressful and demanding when you start. It becomes easier as you become more skilled, experienced and familiar. Once you start serving your customers, the road gets easier. Make sure to reach out and grab the opportunity whenever you spot one. They do not come often.

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