Tips for a Successful Mobile Welding Business

Both from a commercial and residential point of view, welders are widely recognized professionally. They are highly wanted in these sectors because the work they do is critical to the success of the respective areas. With that said, a mobile welding business or start-up is a widespread phenomenon nowadays. They are extremely popular because you do not need high-tech welding equipment, a van, or truck to set up your business.

You just have to apply for a license and sit for an exam. Also, make sure to contact your state license board so that you have all pre-requisite papers beforehand. If you are capable of delivering high-quality work with a few word-of-mouth recommendations, you are ready to go with your mobile welding business.

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Tips for a Successful Mobile Welding Business

Prepare yourself

Before going out on your own with your business, make sure you have enough cash to withstand the initial phase of the business. There is no guaranty that you will earn profit straightway. To add to this fact, you will need several welding tools and safety supplies including a TIG welder, MIG welder, Stick welders, plasma cutters, fume extractor, gas cylinders, welding helmets, protective clothing, welding blankets, welding clamps, welding goggles, ground clamps, power tools, cable connectors, etc.

Remember that all these tools are essential for succeeding in your business. Besides, you must ensure yourself with ‘liability insurance’ as many industrial customers would want to see a copy of the insurance certificate. Other than the insurance paper, you should also set up truck (a trailer might be good as well) for fast and efficient work. Finally, you must buy a laptop and have access to wireless internet service to make things smoother for your job.

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Present Your Business

You should always remember that a mobile welding business means you are your business. In that case, you can have someone design a logo for your company while you may also choose a specific color. Additionally, a vehicle signage is another important element because it can coordinate with your website and business cards.

In fact, your business card must contain more than one option to provide smooth contact procedure. Also, you will need to upload your portfolio into your welding website along with legitimate references that potential customers may contact.

Grow your business

Providing high-quality service is always the standard benchmark for any service-based company. However, you can start with a referral and cross promoting a program for your business. It will allow you to interact with other industry relevant contractors. You can ask for, earn, and reward referrals and testimonials. In some cases, refer other local contractors to your clients as well.

Other than above issues, you have to have a clear and active business, which will demonstrate clear business goals. In that way, you can budget your forecasted income and expense. Also, make sure to highlight your availability to the clients so that they can understand you work as a full-time or part-time.

Furthermore, some welding professionals prefer to join a local trade group and a local general-purpose group such as a chamber of commerce. Maintain your working relation and build-up a network with gas and water main installation teams. All these help you to advance your business in a smooth way.

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Other Tips for Mobile Welders

Apart from the above tips, you can also follow the below tips to make sure your mobile welding business is tip-top shape –

  • You can start your business by targeting companies that want welding services. You can send an introductory letter, demonstrating your service features and benefits. Besides, you can make a list of industries that need mobile welding service. For this reason, you can look up to yellow pages and target industries, which hire subs such as general contractors.
  • Previously, we have said that you can target several industries through yellow pages. This is why you will need to a live yellow pages advertisement. You have to make sure that the advertisement highlights your credentials correctly. Also, put a good headline like – do you need high quality a mobile welding service?
  • After completing a project or work, always send ‘Thank You’ notes to your clients. Not everyone does this, and you can differentiate your business through this gesture.
  • Optimize your welding website with keywords relevant to your industry. Keep a blog and write informational articles. You can also opt for lead generation strategy. In that case, hire an expert to go through with your campaign.
  • Finally, use Google Adwords Pay Per Click advertising program and send out mass press releases to obtain free publicity from your local papers.
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