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Best Soldering Iron Reviews 2018

A good soldering iron is an essential part of the toolkit of a hobbyist or an enthusiast, as the operation of this tool is very simple. Basically, a soldering iron provides enough heat in melting the solder to connect two parts of any electronic products; thereby, making it useful throughout repair works, installations, home improvement, […]

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Best Heated Jacket Reviews 2018

A heated jacket is an important piece of clothing for people who are working during the cold weather or those who just enjoy recreational activities during the same period and circumstances. Using this garment will make any task more comfortable and productive, beating the cold and wet weather at the same time. Today, the market […]

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Best Butane Torch Reviews 2018

For a beginner or first-time buyer, the selections of butane torches on the market could be overwhelming, making the buying-decision even tougher as the different torch brands seem to look alike. Identifying the flame type needed, the right tip and the fuel are just some of the main considerations that you should take note of, […]

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Best Welding Jacket Reviews 2018

Welding jackets are essential parts of any welder’s arsenal. These protective garments primarily help in protecting the arms and the body from heat, spatters, and sparks from welding. The main challenge though is, finding one, which is not very heavy as this clothing may be worn for long periods, providing the user with comfort, protection […]

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Best Welding Gloves Reviews 2018

Every welder should make use of a pair of gloves for welding as this is personal protection equipment (PPE), providing adequate protection for the hands during such process. Aside from welding helmets, jackets, and other PPE, keep in mind that welding gloves are essential due to the probable risks, related to welding. Leather winter gloves or […]

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Best Welding Glasses Reviews 2018

Welding glasses are primarily used by welders in order to prevent themselves from getting the ‘welder’s flash’, or scientifically known as the Photokeratitis disease. These safety gears are typically designed with Shade 5 or Shade 3 lenses that protect the user’s eyes during cutting, brazing, and torch soldering procedures, while they are not designed for […]

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Best Welding Cart Reviews 2018

Welding accessories and supplies, including welding carts, are essential components of any welding process, whether you are a beginner or a professional in the field. Each of the welding essentials will make your task easier and faster, making you more productive, while keeping you safe all at the same time. The welding cart, in particular, […]

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Best Welding Boot Reviews 2018

The best welding boots are must-have items for all the serious welders, and being a weekend warrior, you should consider having such footwear too. These welding accessories should be on the list of priorities as they also offer the same degree of protection as other personal protection equipment (PPE) like helmets, jackets, and gloves. Welding […]

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The Top Seven Welding Apps for Welders

If you are in a welding profession and needs to be updated with every information, you should start using the best applications with smartphone technologies. You can have a look at the below list and perform your welding work in a smart way – 1. Welding Parameters Setup Guide ESAB Welding & Cutting Products develop […]

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