Welding Projects That Make Money (or How to Make Money Welding)

When you dedicate yourself as a welder, you are looking a job that pays well around the world. It can be an adventurous task as well!

But if you have a welding shop, you need to choose your line of products that might attract the customers the most. You may have to compete with the products from abroad or just the local fabrication shop. You need to watch for the big stores that offer products at a very low price.

Small Welding Projects

If you find yourself having ample stock of scrap metal, you can start making some real money by fabricating some welding projects. Through these little projects, you will start to earn some real money.

The projects may vary from simple candle holders/bookends to bookshelves. You should try and divide your task into small portions.

A couple of the favorite welding projects includes the fireplace grill and fire pit boxes. Each of these units has their designs. If you can weld them correctly, even a traditional coffee table/desk made of the scrap materials may make you some real money.

Candle Holder Welding Project

Candle Holder Welding Project

Niche Welding Projects

When you get into niche welding projects, you are targeting a particular group of people, for example, a sports fan who enjoy a common pastime (such as horse riding or motor racing). Alternatively, you can even choose other welders as well!

You can start making tables and sell them to other welders who wants tables that are more sophisticated than the ones sold in stores.

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Normally, persons enjoying horse riding are interested in artwork or shelving units which are related to horses by some way. You can offer your customers a premium mailbox by cutting your work pieces through plasma cutters. You can also make them silhouette of horses.

Nice Niche Welding Project

Nice Niche Welding Project

On the other hand, you can get started to make something for the people enjoying motor racing very quickly. You just have to make a trip to the local junkyard.

You will find everything that you need to keep your project up and running. All the raw materials for your project will cost a lot less if you buy them from a yard. You can make very exclusive and premium product for your customers from the items that you will be receiving from the yard.

Custom Welding Projects

You can make quite a bit of money if you want to get into custom welding projects as a welder. The most typical projects include welding various work pieces together and using a plasma cutter to design them.

This type of welding projects will need a lot of exercises and artistic skills. You also have the opportunity to work as an installer alongside with a more experienced person who is good at cutting.

Many house owners need custom designed work for their home. You can start grabbing this niche by making welding projects that can be customized to customer’s preference in a single place.

For example, a factory might need some shelving units that are specially designed so they can fit into a particular location. House owners may require frames for their doors/windows or custom made fence for their yard.

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weld workplace

High-End Welding Projects

You can dig deep in welding and start your work on welding projects such as tables, desks, light fixtures, mirror frames and much more. You can also start working on projects like wine racks, letter holders, coat racks which may be customizable upon customer’s needs.


Keep your network active by being connected with building contractors and keep a series of samples. They will help you to get new clients and referrals. Your business will grow rapidly just after you handle a few high-end projects for house owners.

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