Welding Safety Tips You Must be Aware of!

Wedding equipment and their safety practices are the same everywhere around the world. Welding can be extremely hazardous. The aftermath can be excruciating as well. We provide you 11 important tips you need to follow to improvise safety in your company while welding.


Welding Safety Tips

1) Read the Manual

The user manual of a welder will have all vital safety measures and also procedures that can enhance the potential of the machine. Ensure that all those who use the machine have gone through the manual.

2) Suit up

Any skin exposed is prone to the risks of damaging and painful effects due to infrared rays and ultrasonic rays. Besides, the sparks can be caught by pant cuffs, open pockets or a shirt that is not buttoned. While you are beneath your helmet, this might go unnoticed. Hence always button the collars of your shirt, front pockets and cuffs to avoid sparks from getting caught. Moreover, this also offers cover to the skin that is exposed. Never have matches or lighters in your pockets.

3) Proper gear must be worn


Never wear a shirt that is short sleeved or shorts. You must always have required safety gears with you. Wear clothing that is flame resistant. Shirts woven tightly with a thick fabric and denims must do. Welding jackets are indeed heavy but you just cannot choose not to wear it. Even gloves are available in different designs which are compatible enough to your hands. A helmet is undeniably the most important gear. An eye gear is also essential.

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4) Wear proper shoes

Boots or leather shoes of high quality will offer highest protection for the feet. Never wear shoes made of a clothing material or tennis shoes. If you fail to wear the right kind of shoes, you will feel the heat of the process once your shoes start smoldering.

5) Breathe comfortably


Smokes and fumes that are emitted while welding can cause health risks. While you are welding in compact places, poisonous fumes might be accumulated. You can use an exhaust hood or choose to put away the fumes out by having enough ventilation and ensure you get clean air to breathe. Some of the materials you weld may need specific respirators. Hence consult the data sheet of the electrode and follow proper procedures.

6) Do not look at the light

It only requires a flash of exposure to the arc rays of welding for the unprotected eyes to feel the ‘arc flash’ which is an excruciating condition which will surface only after few hours of exposure. Welding helmets that you wear must have a proper shade of filter to secure the face of the operator and also the eyes while welding. Ear protection and safety glasses must also be worn beneath the helmet. Choose a shade of lens that is suitable for the welding application.

7) Auto Darkening Helmets


Auto darkening helmets will have sensors on them that will darken the lens in a jiffy. There are industrial grade helmets that have adjustable sensitivity. They will also have delayed controls to control the duration for which the lens stays dark. Newer auto darkening helmets have various models that can be used for different purposes like grinding other than welding.

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8) Repetitive stress injuries must be avoided

An auto darkening helmet can decrease fatigue of the neck when compared to the helmet which traditionally has fixed shade as it is lighter and workers won’t have to snap their head to take off the hood. Time is saved between welds with the auto darkening helmet. Hence, the build time decreases. Every equipment will have its own function and a labeled space. Scissors mechanism is used by weld table that gives required height to the operator which will effectively decrease stress which could result in errors.

9) Boom mounted wire feeders are to be used

These wires provide required efficiency, flexibility and comfort to the operator which will result in quality production. Boom counted wire feeders are very ideal and creates a workplace that is safe. Having this, operators can perform their job well, and can also maximize security and productivity simultaneously.

10) Fixturing must be optimized


You must make use of fixturing whenever it is possible. This simple gearbox can rotate a component of 2200 lb. It will enhance the security by getting rid of the usage of chain and a host to turn the component upside down. This can effectively eliminate risks of hazards.

11)  Have the approach of stick and carrot

For a successful result, do not pose welding safety like a ‘program’. Programs are usually suspected by employees and it can also tend to smudge after quick initial activities. Instead, make it a daily habit of work and provide incentives to the workers who keep up safety. This will encourage other workers to make safety as their first priority.

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Well, make sure you have all these tips recorded in your mind, just to stay safe!

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