What to consider when buying a 110 MIG Welder

You can consider a lot of different brands when considering buying a 110 MIG Welder. They are exceptional in quality, performance and in facilitating some really large scale welding projects.

They make an apt choice for the retail and the industrial line, but it is equally useful for the domestic uses and small scale businesses. Buying such machines is one heck of a job as there are a lot of specifications that you must take into account.

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The users must first analyze their specific needs for which they are looking to buy a welding machine. This will help narrow down the search and they will help them to break ice in buying the most suitable equipment to cater for their needs.

The 110 MIG Welder is ideal and better than most of its competitors for a number of reasons which will be elaborated in the following section.

What points to consider when buying the 110V MIG welding machine?

There are a number of things which you must consider when buying the 110 MIG Welder. The main points to ponder are given below:

Quality – Quality is the prime factor to be considered over all other specifications in the MIG welders. The quality of the 110 MIG Welder is reliable as it is manufactured in top companies in China and Eastern Europe. They have high level electronics fitted inside with exceptional wire feed units.

Price – They are available in different qualities and the price continues to fall since the major share of manufacturing has gone to China. The high end products are coming at affordable prices. The expensive units have one major advantage over the cheaper versions and that is its wire speed knob.

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It gives an excellent control on the wire speed which doesn’t need to be adjusted again when you are changing the power settings. If you find it suitable and a handy feature then go for it with a little bit more investment.


Duty Cycle- It is an important feature to check which gives you an estimate about the usage of product before getting heated up. The duty cycle of this type is 20%. It means that you can weld for 2 minutes in a 10 minute time frame without any heat-up issue.

Maximum Amperes – This will give you an indication about the thickness constraints of the material that you can weld. They are usually available in 90 Amps maximum rating, which can take a steel thickness of 2.0 mm for welding.


So, when you buy a 110MIG welder you should be aware of its quality depending upon the manufacturing material and the production company.

In addition to it the price also matter  and you should always compare the prices in the market in order to get the best for you and within your budget.

Last but not least you should be aware of what the machine has to offer and whether or not it suits your needs in the right way.

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