Best Tips for Welding Inconel

Welding Inconel indicates to a particular type of nickel-chromium alloys. These nickel-chromium alloys are necessary elements for different welding processes. In fact, these are used in high-heat tolerance welding projects. However, using the Inconel in welding process is not everyone’s cup of tea. The reason for this is some of the welds have a tendency to crack after being created for use. With that said, there are only a few specially designed Inconel alloys for use in welding. They are mostly used while using tungsten inert gas welding, which is commonly known as TIG.

tip-tig-welders-LFor getting the best results from Inconel alloys, you must use Inconel 625 filler metal. This filter metal is one of the easiest Inconel alloys for welding. If you are using it put together two Inconel pieces, it will bring useful results. This filter metal is useful for welding other metals, which are unrelated in composition like stainless steel.

Furthermore, the Inconel filters are likely to leave behind a film on the surface of the weld pool (this is more like a skin). The appearance of it is dirty, and it is considered as a side effect of using Inconel in welding projects. The fact is whenever you use Inconel alloys; it will produce durable and highly resistant welds.

Most of the expert welders apply the TIG technique for using Inconel alloys. The TIG method permits the welders to gain more control over the weld like GMAW and SMAW. Keep in mind that when you are working on a welding project, you should have a better control of weld to avoid any difficulty. For this reason, you must practice a lot to become an expert user of TIG and Inconel.

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In addition to practicing a lot, you might consider using an automated welding method (plasma arc welding). This specialized method utilizes a more focused welding arc with an automated process. Other than plasma arc welding method, you can use pulsed micro laser welding method. This method is hugely popular among the welders. In truth, welding Inconel is a demanding process, and it requires a certain level of expertise from the welders.

Therefore, the beginner welders should not use it for their projects. However, if you practice in a right way, you can certainly enjoy the benefits of using welding Inconel.

Bonus Tips –

Since Inconel 625 filter is the best tool for Inconel Welding, there are some tips for using this tool perfectly –

  • Always maintain a close arc length
  • Make sure to keep the hot tip of the filler rod shielded and snip (in case it is crapped up)
  • As for the heat, do not apply more than one-third of the heat for stainless steel
  • Remember that if the filter gets too hot, there will be problem in controlling the filter
  • Don’t forget to cool the filter between passes
  • Take a big diameter cup to obtain a better argon shielding

Finally, when you are using Inconel 625 filter, you will notice that the puddle is slower than stainless steel. Therefore, it will not be able to take much of amperage compared to stainless steel or carbon!

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