Best Welding Apron Reviews 2020

Using a welding apron may not seem to be so significant to some and are usually overlooked. In reality, these small things usually matter the most, especially when it comes to safety. The use of such aprons is critical when welding in order to avoid injury caused by sparks and smoldering projectiles.

It is also important to consider, even if one already owns a leather apron for welding, the current state of the equipment. Is it still in good condition? Is it time for a replacement? And if it is time to purchase a new one, what features should one look for in choosing the best apron?

Without a doubt, the use of such equipment for safety during welding is essential. This article will discuss some of the best welding aprons available today, and will also include a buying guide to help in picking the right leather welders apron for the job.

Best Welding Apron Reviews

Hobart 770548 Welding Apron

The Hobart 770548 Leather Welding Apron gets an impressive 4.6-Stars average customer rating. Its split cowhide apron promises protection needed from sparks and high heat of welding. Its one size fits all configuration makes any purchase easy. It offers superior protection perfect for both pros and even beginner welders. It features heavy duty stitching making it very rigid. Added with reinforced snaps, gives it a durable and strong feel, making it a perfect choice.

During welding, high heat and moisture can cause inner clothes color bleed, a real hassle especially after working for long hours. This leather apron for welding is ideal for welders who are fed up messing up their clothes while working because of smiting. The Hobart 770548’s genuine cowhide material does not make clothes color bleed. It also features small leather pockets ideal for storing small tools, making any welding job easier.

It also features leather straps that fasten securely, and that adjusts easily making it a one size fits all option. Though some user reviews state that after a month or so of use of the said straps, the waist straps tear off. This is mainly because of its pretty thin structure. Most had it easily repaired with some simple webbing from any fabric shop and continued to love using their Hobart 770548 Leather Welding Apron. Still, it is an upgrade the manufacturer should consider to make this apron full-proof.

Certainly a perfect choice for both novice and professional welders, the Hobart 770548 should be on the top of anyone’s list. As most user reviews would state, it is worth all the money and is highly recommended for all types of welders.

Steiner 92166 Split Cowhide Bib Apron

Another recommended welding apron is the Steiner 92166 Bib Apron that features a Weld-Rite Premium Brown Split Cowhide measuring at 24-Inch by 42-Inch. It is clearly a popular choice for both beginners and professional welders with an average 4.6-Stars customer rating.

It provides more comfort and features fewer seams as all high quality Weld-Rite Aprons are created. This is mainly because this particular leather apron for welding is crafted only from four or even fewer split cowhide pieces. Such leather combines durability, abrasion resistance, dexterity and comfort.

It doesn’t matter if the welder is small or largely built, short or tall, the Steiner 92166 Bib Apron will fit really well. This welding apron features easy adjustable straps with long lengths, making it perfect for secure and firm holds, while providing much needed protection for the whole of the welder’s front. Kevlar threads are used for stitching and used to reinforce at all major stress points, making it incredibly durable.

As many users state in almost all reviews, the fact that the Steiner 92166 Bib Apron is made from high quality leather and features the use of Kevlar threads, this makes it one of the sturdiest, most durable and reliable equipment available today. The leather material used is flexible, making it comfortable to wear even for long periods of time, while providing protection against sparks, heat, cuts, abrasion and many other welding risks. Many users also appreciate its quick release buckle feature which makes wearing and taking off the apron quick and effortless.

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Lincoln Electric Flame-Resistant Welding Apron

Next is the Lincoln Electric Flame-Resistant Leather Welding Apron, which also gets a 4.6-Stars average customer rating. This welding apron protects the welder’s skin and clothing from welding spatter. The apron can be an additional protection over a welder’s welding jacket and it is also perfect to be used over light clothing for light welding tasks.

Lincoln Electric has been manufacturing welding machines and other welding supplies since 1895, allowing the company to perfect its craft in creating welding equipment. This leather apron for welding is made from heavy split cowhide, which is weather-resistant and flame-resistant material. It is very durable and perfect for flame and spatter protection.

The Lincoln Electric Flame-Resistant Leather Welding Apron features a fully adjustable harness system.  This leads to a perfect fit for any user, no matter what size or weight displacement the user may be. With the use of adjustable straps, this apron always fits well. The straps ensure even weight distribution, which makes this welding apron amazingly comfortable to use even over long periods of time.

Not all welding aprons available in the market today can withstand the harsh elements involved in welding tasks all that well, but because of its split cowhide material, it is weather-resistant. This makes it the ideal apron to use for outdoor welding tasks and wet conditions. This apron’s overall feel boasts with strength and certainly feels that it is really well made. It is durable and provides good protection against the heat, spatter and even flame. This gives the welder a strong feeling of protection and security.

Caiman 3136 Apron with Bib Pockets

The Caiman 3136 36-Inch Apron with Bib Pockets is another welding gear worth considering as it also gets a 4.6-Star customer average rating. Unlike most welding aprons that are made of mostly cowhide, it uses boar hide. A Caiman original design, this protective clothing is made of high quality and unique pigskin leather.

Pigskin leather surprisingly offers unique qualities that are perfect for today’s demanding industrial environments. Pigskin is naturally composed of finer fibers that are constructed extremely tight. This offers better resistance to abrasions, cuts and even heat compared to traditional cow leather. It is breathable, elastic and also very comfortable to wear because it is very light in weight.

In fact, pigskin leather is 10 to 15 percent lighter than traditional cowhide leather that is used in common welding aprons. The Caiman 3136 36-Inch Apron with Bib Pockets offers great mobility, making every welding task easier. All stress points of this welding apron are permanently riveted, leading to a very strong and rigid feel and the garments are strongly sewn with the use of 100% Kevlar threading.

The Caiman 3136 36-Inch Apron with Bib Pockets is well made and perfect for any body type. Because of the use of boar hide, many users love the fact that they can wear it even for long periods of time because of its light weight. Many consider it to be very comfortable, and well built. The neck strap construction is much appreciated as it is also very comfortable compared to other aprons available today.

Black Kevlar Mesh Welding Apron

With a 4.8-Stars customer review average, the Black Kevlar Mesh Welding Apron is certainly a welding safety apparel favorite. It is offered as a bib apron type, measuring at 39″ X 27″or 96 X 68 cm, and in classic black color, this welding apron works perfectly in any welding task at hand. It is made with high quality Nomex fiber that provides exceptional puncture, cut, and flame resistance. It offers good heat insulation leading to high temperature resistance, no melting drip, no burning, and is splash proof assuring the welder’s safety.

Unlike common welding aprons that are only treated with fire retardant materials, Black Kevlar Mesh Welding Apron features good insulation materials that can be washed without the worry of protective property loss and also minimal shrinkage Many reviews would state lots of positives because of its sturdy construction. It makes the users feel safe and secure during welding jobs. Many praise its strong and high quality stitching used, making it a truly robust gear. The adequate length also is a plus, enough to protect the welder from accidental hot welding splashes.

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Only negatives stated about these Kevlar aprons may be the tie strings. Some find it a bit frail looking and a bit too short, allowing it only to be tied at the back. Some prefer longer ties to be able to double loop to the front, allowing a much secured fit. On the other hand, some consider this also a plus, because it allows the apron to easily tear away rather than being so strong and pulls the user into any equipment when accidents occur.

Welding Apron Buying Guide

The best-of-the-best welding aprons have been discussed already, but there are still some things to consider in choosing the right one. Below are some basic but helpful tips in understanding the importance of using such protective gear.

Protective Apron Types

There are actually several basic types of safety aprons and knowing the basics can help in determining which one would work best. Use of such protective aprons is essential both in industrial or private settings.

  • Basic Protective Aprons – These aprons offers comfort, light-weight, adequate protection, and convenience. It is used in some industries that include healthcare, maintenance, manufacturing, and carpentry. Some of these aprons are used in lab settings and some are even disposable.
  • Flame-Resistant Aprons – Such aprons works best for work environments that expose users to flame, intense heat or electric arc. These are flame-retardant aprons that offer needed protection in situations wherein users are exposed to high heat or open flame.
  • Welding Aprons – Use of such aprons may it be made from traditional cowhides or unique pigskins are essential when any welding task is involved. There are two types available, half aprons that offer lower waist protection and full aprons that protect the welder’s entire front

Factors to Consider:

  • Fabric or Material – The quality of a welding apron certainly will depend on the fabric or material used in its construction. It should be made from an extremely durable material like cowhide or pigskin leather. This assures that the apron won’t ignite when sparks fly. High-quality aprons use flame retardant cotton to better protect the welder from high heat or even open flames. It is also crucial to know that some aprons are only flame retardant treated and will lose flame resistance properties after laundering. Some are made of denim or cotton that is available at very reasonable prices. It is important to pick a welding apron that provides the right combination of strength, protection and comfort.

Due to high heat exposure in choosing the best flame-resistant aprons, it is important to make sure it is comfortable to wear and fits well.  It is also important that no shrinkage of the material would occur, and the apron’s flame resistant properties would be retained for a long time.

  • Cut and Style – It is important to pick a style that is comfortable and make sure it fits well. This can assure smooth welding operation even after long periods. Some prefer welding aprons that wrap, clip, or tie at the waist, providing protection from the waist down. Some prefer a full welding apron that looks similar to a chef’s apron. These types provide more coverage and protection. Such full aprons stay securely on the shoulders, sometimes behind the neck, and some at the waist. Different lengths are available so picking the right cut and style is fairly easy whatever built you may be.

It is also important to consider your welding style and welding task at hand when picking the best aprons to use. Long aprons are better in providing more protection and safety, but it is crucial to also put into consideration mobility and practicality. Half-cut aprons can offer lower protection compared to longer aprons, but provides more mobility and comfort. To get both mobility and coverage, split leg welding bibs is definitely the way to go.

  • Additional Features – Some welding aprons offer additional features than others, making each welding task easier and more convenient. Thus, choosing such aprons does not only lead to better protection for the welder, but also lead to better value for money. Some aprons feature handy utility pockets, perfect for storing essential small tools. Some have clips or buckles that obviously are more convenient than regular ties. Some are sewn with special stitching, like Kevlar thread or utilize reinforced stitching. Take note though, that it is crucial that no metal material should be exposed.
  • Budget Range – Price and value is probably one or the most important factor to consider. Though staying within your budget range is essential, considering the highest quality apron you can afford is a must. Waist aprons are obviously very inexpensive but offer minimal protection, perfect for light to moderate welding tasks. Bib aprons may cost a bit more, but certainly more worth it because of the added protection it provides.
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Other Essential Welding Accessories

Using a protective welding apron is essential in order to accomplish any successful and safe welding task. But it is also important to know that the use of other welding accessories is crucial in any welding project. Below are some accessories that can help assure safety and protection in any welding environment.

  • Welding Boots – Welding boots are typically made of leather and features steel toecaps. Some modern welding safety boots use composite materials that provide similar strength and protection as steel but are much lighter. Such boots provide better insulation without magnetic properties common welding boots have. Welding boots that feature soles that are capable of holding up to 300 degrees C is a must.
  • Welding Jackets – Welding jackets often use cowhide leather and come in either long or jacket style. Though they can be bulky and very hot to use in warm weather, the protection it offers from sparks and burns is certainly very essential. Such jackets may not be essential for light welding tasks, but a must for heavy welding work, overhead and vertical welding tasks.
  • Welding Gloves – Use of welding gloves is a must, but the right type to use depends on the welding task at hand. Heavy welding tasks require long high-quality leather gloves, while light Tig welding tasks may only require light, smaller, and shorter gloves. More pliable Tig gloves may be more ideal since most are made of soft cowhide material.
  • Welding Helmets – In selecting the best leather welding helmets, it is important to choose those with high-quality auto darkening lenses. The transition time of darkening after the initial strike is crucial, but the time delay is also important to consider. Low-quality helmets are slow to darken and even if it may look instant, it can still damage the welder’s eyesight. It is important to consider such detail, no matter how small, before purchasing any welding safety gear.
  • Additional Eye Protection – Safety glasses is also a must even if a welding helmet is used. Sparks can still enter the welding helmet and bounce around that could penetrate the eye. Removal of such material in the eye and the healing process is certainly a major inconvenience.


There’s a vast array of different types of leather welding aprons available in the market today. And with the many types and styles to choose from, it is important to select the best one for the welding task at hand. It is important not to purchase the first you see, proper research in checking whether the features it offers would work for you is essential. Though there are many affordable welding aprons available, price and quality should not only be the factor to consider. Welders should choose the right equipment that would work perfectly.

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