Best Welding Cart Reviews 2020

Welding accessories and supplies, including welding carts, are essential components of any welding process, whether you are a beginner or a professional in the field. Each of the welding essentials will make your task easier and faster, making you more productive, while keeping you safe all at the same time.

The welding cart, in particular, provides you with an unmatched mobility, considering the weight of welders and plasma cutters. Such welding equipment also offers useful storage spaces for many other welding supplies and accessories that you might need throughout the task.

With that said, this article will give you the most reliable welder carts on the market, which were rated by actual users and consumers. Through the end of the review, you will be able to make an informed buying decision, despite the endless selections today. Moreover, a buying guide will also help you sort out the important welding cart features for you to decide easier.

Best Welding Cart Reviews

Hot Max WC100 Cart

With an average rating of 4.2-Stars is the Hot Max WC100 Cart. This plasma cutter and MIG welding cart are an ideal addition to your arsenal. Constructed from steel, it also offers a very sturdy finish that could last a lifetime. It boasts an easy-to-pull handle, including 6-inch back wheels, plus 2 and ½-inch front castors, making it effortless to move around.

Furthermore, this plasma cutter cart has two safety chains that are highly capable of securing the gas tanks, especially for MIG welding purposes. The Hot Max WC100 also features a storage tray, providing space for other equipment and accessories. There are also lead hooks found on both sides, allowing for cable management.

This particular cart fits most of the plasma cutters and MIG welders on the market. Assembly is required, although it is minimal and easy at the same time. When assembled, the cart measures at 13-inch wide, 33-inch long, and 29-inch tall.

You rest assured that this MIG welder cart has been constructed expertly, keeping both the beginner and the expert welders in mind throughout its construction. What actual users love about this cart is the smart location of its handle as it never gets in the way of leads; thereby, allowing any user to work flawlessly without hassles.

All in all, the Hot Max WC100 could be the best welder cart with an affordable price tag that any welder can maximize, considering the simple, yet very useful features that will surely make any welding project convenient.

MIG TIG Welding Cart with Tank Storage

The next item is the MIG TIG Welding Cart with Tank Storage with an average rating of 3.9-Stars. This welding tank cart is the best option when it comes to heavy duty construction. It features three shelves that are useful for storage and easy-access of welding supplies. The 18-inch by 10.5-inch top deck also comes in handy for placing other equipment and accessories.

This cart can hold a tank with a diameter of 9 and ½-inches. Unlike ordinary carts on the market, the MIG TIG cart has an industrial-grade powder coating that can resist rust and chips, making it more durable to last a lifetime. A built-in storage tray and cylinder rack are also included in its design, allowing for more storage spaces.

Meanwhile, this cart has heavy-duty casters, including two fixed casters and two swivel casters. Once assembled, it measures at 18-inch long, 12-inch wide, and 29-inch tall with a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds. Hence, it is a solid and sturdy cart like no other, making it very reliable because not all plasma cutting carts would be as durable as this one.

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When it comes to the overall size, many consider this cart as a medium-sized model since there are smaller versions and larger models out there. However, the size is perfect in most areas, garages, workshops, and other places that make use of plasma cutting and similar methods.

With regards to its mobility, this is one of the MIG, TIG welding carts that is easy to move around, considering the fixed and swivel casters. The high-grade wheels, plus the nicely-located handle makes transport effortless. Also, this cart is able to hold many welding accessories, ranging from gloves to helmets, and more.

MIG TIG Welding Cart with Tank Storage is an affordable choice for all first-timers, making it a top pick with regards to value. In fact, many actual users and owners of this cart convey the same message, saying that the price is unbeatable. The required assembly is easy when compared to other carts on the market that usually cost more. Hence, it is a highly recommended product for its price and durability.

Eastwood MIG TIG Welding Cart

Moreover, Eastwood introduces the 4.3-Star-rated Eastwood MIG TIG Welding Cart, which is also a great addition to any MIG TIG welder and plasma cutter. This heavy-duty welding cart has a very nice design with a reasonable price tag. Its durable construction makes it perfect for everyone who tackles plasma cutting and welding tasks, whether on a daily basis or as a hobby.

Hence, it is a perfect gear for those who need mobility and ease when using their welding equipment. The Eastwood cart also offers plenty room for welding accessories, power source, and all. In fact, this cart is highly capable of carrying two welders, or a combination of a plasma cutter and a welder, while offering three shelves for the storage of accessories or consumables.

Aside from its easy and quick assembly, this car features premium wheels that allow for a flawless transport and move about. There is also a gas bottle station, similar to the previous product. In addition, this steel cart measures at 38 inches in length, 16 inches in width, and 30.5 inches in height.

It has a black powder coating that adds up to its durability and resistance from rust. When it comes to its top shelf, this cart can hold a wide variety of welders such as the MIG175, TIG-200, or the MIG135. The bottom shelf, on the other hand, is highly capable of holding the Versa Cut plasma cutting machine, for instance. Finally, the middle shelf provides ample storage space for essential welding accessories. Overall, the has a nice design with very handy features that thousands of welders love.

Metal Man UWC2 Welding Cart

Meanwhile, the UWC2 Welding Cart by Metal Man is a universal welders cart. Garnering an average rating of 4.2-Stars on Amazon, this product has been designed to make the lives of all welders and plasma cutter users easier, because this cart allows for a flawless maneuvering, despite the heavy weight of welding machines, other equipment, and accessories.

A single cylinder rack is provided and can hold a tank with a diameter of 7 and ½-inches with 80 pounds in weight. The cylinder rack also comes with a security chain to properly hold the cylinder in its place. In addition, there is a slanted top shelf in the design, accommodating most models of welding equipment. This unique design of the top shelf also allows for the welder to be in the perfect position and angle when using the welding equipment; thereby, reducing user fatigue simultaneously.

The fold-down handle has been incorporated in its overall design, allowing the user to move the cart in an effortless manner, including an easy access to welder controls. A new addition to its construction are the wraparound cable holders to keep the necessary cables as organized as possible, keeping the work area from an eyesore, tangling cables.

The UWC2 Welding Cart has a 110-pound capacity with an all-steel construction that results in utmost durability. The manufacturer also boasts a powder coat finish for extreme resistance to rust and corrosion, making this cart as a life-long investment for all welders. In a nutshell, this welder trolley has generated a lot of happy and satisfied customers nationwide.

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Goplus® Welding Welder Cart with 4 Drawer Cabinet

Last, but definitely not the least is the 3.5-Star-rated Welder Cart with 4 Drawer Cabinet by Goplus. The welding cart design of this specific model is perfect for holding an MIG welding equipment, TIG welder, an ARC welder, or a plasma cutter, including tank storage.

The cabinet with four drawers simply keeps your welding essentials in the perfect spot, keeping and storing your welding tools, supplies, and accessories as organized as possible. The all-steel construction of this cart makes it very sturdy, while the finish allows for years of use. It is a smooth-rolling cart indeed.

The Goplus® Welder Cart is a brand new product with an all-steel construction and heavy duty design. It fits most MIG welding equipment and plasma cutting machines on the market. On top of that, this trolley or cart provides very durable drawers for added storage spaces, including the addition of a bottom back shelf that is perfect for placing gas cylinders, plus two safes.

This black trolley also features a top drawer with a safety lock design. While assembly is also required, it takes only several minutes or almost an hour to attach all the parts in their proper positions. In addition, the 2.5-inch in diameter front flexible wheels allow for easy and quick maneuvering, wherever you want the cart to be.

After assembly, this cart measures at 28 inches in length, 15 inches in width, and 28 inches in height. The top tray size, on the other hand, measures at 11-inch by 17.3-inch in dimensions; whereas, the drawer size measures at 7-inch by 11.4-inch in length and width respectively.

With a 100-pound weight capacity, the Goplus® Welder Cart also features a 6-inch rear fixed wheels. This trolley is certainly a perfect addition to your arsenal, whether you are a pro, a weekend warrior, or simple hobbyist.

Welding Cart Buying Guide

After discussing the best carts on the market, it is now time to talk about the important features that will affect your buying decision. Each of the features or factors in this section should be considered seriously as everything contributes to the efficiency, durability, and functionality of the cart that you’ll be choosing later on.


The overall construction of the welding or a plasma cutter cart plays a crucial role throughout your decision-making. Referring to the featured products, all of them have been constructed from all-steel materials for utmost durability. Keep in mind that the primary need in terms of these carts or trolleys is portability and maneuverability, allowing you for a handy tool carrier.

In spite of the steel construction, the portability and maneuverability of these carts are greatly attributed to the overall design, especially the wheels that allow for movement or transport. Take note of the design, making sure that it will fit into the available space in your garage or workshop, and allowing you to move it from one corner to another or through your driveway for a more ventilated workspace or during non-combustible tasks.

The overall design of a plasma cart should also offer a worktable that is large enough in holding certain pieces of workable objects like a garden-gate-size supply, for instance. Also, it should be high enough to relieve a potential backache caused by bending over.

Weight Capacity/Size

Furthermore, it is important to take note of the cart’s weight capacity. In order to choose the best trolley or cart, you must first consider the weight of your plasma or welder cutter. By identifying the weight of your welding equipment, it will be easier for you to pick the most suitable cart that will hold your machine.

Keep in mind that these products have different capacities when it comes to weight. So, considering the other welding essentials that you’re planning to put or store on or in the cart is equally crucial. If you are working with automotive parts, for instance, it is important to determine the weight of such automotive components, before putting them on top of the cart, along with your welding machine.

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Steering System

The steering system of all welding carts is equally essential throughout your decision-making. An easily movable cart should come with an effective and stable steering system, which should also provide a wide stance during turns. Some steering systems today have a removable steering tongue and many other unique designs, keeping the wheels from twisting once the handle is used in turning the cart during maneuvers.

Storage Space

Of course, the available storage space is imperative. Remember that a welding cart does not only come in handy in holding a heavy welding machine or plasma cutter, but also in holding and storing many other essentials during welding projects.

In terms of the storage space, it is important that you choose a readily accessible design and ample space for storing welding clamps, multiple angle grinders, face shield, welding helmet, ear protection muffs, and other tools and supplies.

These storage spaces should be within easy reach, but safely out of the way when idle. Other accessories and supplies that might need a proper and safe storage include measuring tools, marking devices, and other small hand tools.

Other Desirable Features

There are more intricate trolley carts that offer far more special features such as the following:

  • Electrical outlets for certain tools like grinders, electric drill, work light, and more
  • Handy shelves that accommodate materials and tools being used for a non-cluttered work table
  • Thin table edges for easy clamping of materials or pieces
  • A certain storage space for less frequently used accessories and tools
  • A convenient and out of the way cup holder for a welder’s drink during an all-day welding task
  • A handy sunshade to make the welding task more tolerable and comfortable during hot summer days or when working on the driveway
  • Foldable or flappable table wings that tend to increase the available space for working, yet still save space when not in use


Finally, the price also plays a crucial part, throughout the selection process. But, this factor is only substantial among the budget-conscious buyers. If you want a sturdy, efficient, and a stable plasma cutter and welder cart, then you should be willing to shell out more cash for most desirable features and more effective design.


Over and above, a plasma, MIG or TIG welding cart is a great addition to the tools and equipment of any welder, whether a serious welder, a novice, a weekend warrior, or the professional welders in the field. This additional tool reduces the user fatigue that is experienced in carrying the heavy-constructed welding machines, especially health issues that are related to back strain.

The maneuverability of welding carts also allows for a flawless movement of the welding machine, transporting such equipment from one area to another, in the most convenient manner possible. Not only that the cart transports the welding equipment, but also many other welding essentials, tools, supplies, and accessories that are frequently used.

All in all, it is very important to choose a trolley with sturdy and stable construction that can hold your welding machine, while providing more spaces for other essentials. Take note of the welding cartwheels or the steering system, the weight capacity, available storage space, and other desirable features when shopping for this equipment, and by doing so, you will certainly arrive at the best choice eventually.

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