Best Welding Glasses Reviews 2020

Welding glasses are primarily used by welders in order to prevent themselves from getting the ‘welder’s flash’, or scientifically known as the Photokeratitis disease. These safety gears are typically designed with Shade 5 or Shade 3 lenses that protect the user’s eyes during cutting, brazing, and torch soldering procedures, while they are not designed for arc welding as darker lenses are required.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lists down the requirements for the minimum shade lens for different welding operations. Nonetheless, welding safety glasses now come in various fixed shades, and finding the most suitable level of coverage for a specific work is crucial at all times.

Fortunately, this comprehensive review gives you adequate information about the welding glasses shade 10, 14, and 5 that offer appropriate protection levels when welding. Taking into consideration the top five products in this article arms you with proper knowledge in order to arrive at the best choice possible.

Best Welding Glasses Reviews

Bollé Safety 253-SL-40084 Safety Eyewear

The first item on the list is the Bollé Safety 253-SL-40084 Safety Eyewear. These shade 5 safety glasses are provided by Bollé Safety, boasting a matte black finish and rimless frame. It also features anti-scratch lens that are derived from polycarbonate materials.

The single-piece lens offers a high contour, along with a 180-degree distortion free viewing, plus superior optical quality. The lens is also 99.99% capable of absorbing the harmful UVB and UVA light rays. Meanwhile, the frame is ultra lightweight, allowing for optimal fit at the same time. There are no metal parts in the frame, but features dielectric non-conductive and fully recyclable polycarbonate materials.

The Bollé Safety 253-SL-40084 eyewear also features a 2.3-mm thick, anti-scratch coated and high impact polycarbonate lens. It meets the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) lens marking of Z87+W5 and temple marking of Z87+, making it highly recommended welders glasses on the market.

Additionally, these safety gears are continually creating happy and satisfied customers, saying that it works really great, while it is inexpensive than other brands. The overall flexible design does not only allow for a good fit, but also for a comfortable feel as well.

In fact, even those with sensitive eyes make use of the Bollé Safety 253-SL-40084 during long drives on a hot day, instead of relying on sunglasses for protection against the sunlight. While they are made specifically as safety glasses for welding, many customers maximize its potential in other applications as these products work and fit as good as real sunglasses.

Green Shade 14 Eclipse Glasses

On the other hand, Phillips Safety Products, Inc. proudly introduces the Solar Eclipse Glasses with Shade 14 lens, which is the darkest shade you can ever buy. Garnering an average rating of 4.4-Stars, the Green Shade 14 Solar Eclipse Glasses are the best partner for your welding helmet shades. These glasses are very dark, allowing you to wear them so as to view a solar eclipse, aside from working as TIG and MIG welding protective gears.

These welding sunglasses have lens constructed from high-grade materials, blocking out almost 100% of the harmful UV rays and 97% of the infrared radiation; thereby, giving your eyes the utmost protection. Additionally, these glasses feature protective side shields, unlike any other, but allowing you to remove them when necessary.

There are also side panels, although they may not come as essential as other features, but they come off easily. Hence, it is not a deal-breaker at all. These protective glasses, according to some reviews, tend to fall off easily when worn with a welding helmet or prescription glasses. Fortunately, any welding helmet provides added protection that you fall off short without the side panels attached.

While these top rated safety glasses have been constructed mainly for welding purposes and solar eclipse observation, they are not intended for use as sunglasses because they are far too dark. Nonetheless, several customer reviews indicate that the Solar Eclipse Glasses have additional side covers that are helpful in protecting the eyes further.

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The flat lens enables the user to do more things with it, especially protecting the eyes from excessive sun exposure. Overall, many customers are pleased with this product, considering its design, construction, style, purpose and its reliable performance.

Safety Protective Glasses SHADE 10

Moreover, the Novel’s Safety Protective Glasses SHADE 10 is the perfect welding goggles that are also ideal for soldering and melting. It is difficult to find shade 10 protective glasses, but Novel recognizes the safety requirements for welding process; thereby, offering this item for different welding types without being too light and being too dark.

As it falls in the middle category, these protective welding glasses provide great visibility and clarity. It is equipped with polycarbonate lens, which is replaceable, yet scratch-resistant. Thus, this particular model is considered as value for money because there is no need to buy another pair once the lens are damaged. In addition, the Safety Protective Glasses SHADE 10 has adjustable earpieces, while the frame is lightweight, allowing for utmost comfort.

However, these shade 10 welding glasses have a few flaws. While they fit snugly to the user’s face, it could be inappropriate for some welders to wear. They do not also allow a pair of prescription glasses with them at the same time. The frame is constructed from plastic materials too, making it slightly capable of withstanding heavy duty applications and wear-and-tear.

Over and above, these UV safety goggles offer a green lens glass and widely used for melting and soldering projects. The Athermal glass construction provides eye protection for various welding applications, and not limited to soldering and melting tasks. Besides the scratch-resistant property, these goggles also provide high optical quality as well as dimensional stability resistance against radiation. It ensures observation without user fatigue; it is CE-approved, and lightweight for the user’s utmost comfort.

Miller Electric 5.0 Safety Glasses

Meanwhile the Miller Electric 5.0 Safety Glasses receives a 4.7-Star rating on Amazon. These scratch-resistant welder glasses by Miller Electric are an epitome of brilliance. Keep in mind that Miller Electric is a leading manufacturer of quality welding kits since its establishment, making this pair of glasses a brilliant addition to a welder’s protective gear.

These welding shades feature a polycarbonate lens with a lightweight and comfortable-to-wear frame. The overall comfortable construction is largely attributed to the rubber pad addition at the ears, never leaving unsightly marks, despite long period of use, like ordinary sunglasses do.

Besides the great level of comfort, these glasses still provide 99.9% protection from the UV rays of the sun. They are also designed to resist fog, maintaining exceptional visibility, plus peripheral vision. Therefore, these glasses make it flawless to see your specific work area.

These shade 5 welding goggles, however, are said to be perfect only for light procedures like cutting and torch works. There is inadequate protection when it comes to bright arcs that are associated to MIG welding. So, for MIG welding purposes, another pair of darker shades is necessary.

All in all, the Miller Electric 5.0 Safety Glasses are welding glasses shade 5, which is ideal for both men and women. The lens coating is reflective and provides an anti-scratch property, while the frame design is black wraparound and made of polycarbonate materials. These universal-sized glasses include rubber ear pads, while meeting the ANSI Z87.1 standards.

Pyramex SB7960SF Safety Eyewear

Finally, the Pyramex SB7960SF with an average rating of 4.7-Stars is a safety welding eyewear that comes in black color with 3.0 infrared radiation filter lens. It is widely-used in welding sites and during cutting or light brazing tasks.

The dual-lens is very stylish, providing complete eye protection from the UV rays and infrared radiation. This pair of eyewear is also compatible with prescription lens, Plano lens, and full-reader lens. Additionally, there is a soft nose piece, providing comfort during extended use. The polycarbonate lens is also scratch-resistant, similar to most of the products in this review.

Indeed, Pyramex is a reliable provider when it comes to welding safety goggles, glasses, face shields, and welding helmets, ensuring you proper coverage and protection for your welding safety needs. However, a professional assistance of an optometrist is necessary in case the Pyramex frame is to be fitted with prescription lens.

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Aside from the 3.0 infrared radiation filter lens, the series of Pyramex SB7960SF lenses are also available with +2.0 or +1.5 Magnification lens, or a prescription lens. With the full reader lens, these glasses allow the user to see their work clearly, despite the angle. Hence, this product generates more and more happy customers as these glasses are not only comfortable, but also fits the bill.

Based on some customer reviews, the Pyramex SB7960SF safety eyewear is the coolest safety glasses on the planet, having a great size, which is perfect for users with bigger heads. Also, this eyewear does not curve around the user’s head, unlike other models on the market.

Welding Glasses Buying Guide

Having the coolest-looking welding glasses does not necessarily mean it is effective and durable, offering maximum protection and security. There are more things you need to learn about the lenses used in these protective gears, and many other things, although the product review section surely helps a lot.

Lens Types

There are different lens types used in the creation of welder sunglasses, largely depending on the brand or manufacturer. The particular type of lens used in a specific model is very important throughout the selection process. Basically, manufacturers make use of three lens materials in their designs and construction, ranging from plastic to glass materials, and polycarbonate. Lenses that are made of glass are not usually scratchproof, and are not much-preferred by welders due to the delicate nature of the material.

On the other hand, plastic lenses are advantageous in a way that they are lighter than the glass counterparts. Plastic lenses are also stronger than glass, but most of these are definitely not scratchproof.

Polycarbonate lenses are believed to have the highest protection level against impact. They are also light in construction and are highly-preferred by many welders because coating can be applied to deter the sun’s UV ray, while welding.

Wearer’s Vision

Another thing to consider is the state of the user’s vision because most people with poor eyesight and those suffering from some vision disorders find it difficult to wear, even the standard protective eyewear. Fortunately, there are solutions to such dilemma.

One of the viable options is wearing contact lenses to give room for the auto darkening welding goggles or glasses. But, then again, wearing contact lenses may be uncomfortable to some people. So, wearing prescription safety glasses are another feasible option, most especially for those who need to wear these safety glasses on a daily welding task.


Of course, the comfort that each eyewear offers is an essential part of the selection process. Take note that you may be wearing safety glasses for an extended period, specifically for the professional welders. As a general rule, it is best to sort out the comfort features like rubber-tipped temples, soft rubber nose piece and other features that allow for utmost comfort, while reducing user fatigue as the same time.

Impact Protection

Auto darkening welding glasses should undoubtedly offer comfort during short and long periods of use. These protective gears should also provide an unmatched impact protection. When sorting for this feature, it is wise to rely on the ANSI Z87.1-1989 standard, covering industrial impact resistance.

Based on such standards, clear polycarbonate lenses are the top choices, meeting the industrial impact resistance standards and working perfectly for different indoor applications that are associated with sparks, splashes and flying particles. Today, manufacturers also add impact protection features in their designs such as side shields, brow guards, wraparound lenses and more.

The perfect style and design also boils down to the potential hazards in a working environment. Safety shades with side shields are ideal for some applications that involve flying particles, while other goggles become more practical due to the seal provided around the eye area. There are some designs that also feature indirect vents, side vents that allow airflow, and those without vents.

Furthermore, clear polycarbonate lenses are effective in blocking out UV radiation of as much as 385 nanometers. Hence, this blocking ability of polycarbonate lenses makes them equally useful for the non-welders too.

Welding Shades

Also, the selection of proper welding glasses shades largely depends on the welding type or welding application. The light emitted from the welding procedures is equally bright as the sun’s rays, making retinal damage eventually. So, welders should wear a dark filter, allowing them to look at the welding arc safely and still enabling them to create a good welded seam.

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While the correct shade for eye protection depends on the welding application, OSHA strongly suggest that any welder must start with a not-too-dark shade in order to see the weld zone, going for a lighter shade to get ample view of the zone without downgrading to the recommended protective shade.

Availability of Faceshields

Aside from the protection level that auto darkening safety glasses provide, the availability of faceshields could also boost the protection that every welder needs. These protective gears are similarly important as many other gears that welders use, protecting the entire face from slag, spark and fumes created during the process.

There are some faceshields with removable plates, allowing the user to replace it with darker or lighter shades in order to suit the welding type being performed. These removable plates are also convenient once the plate is scratched or damaged. But, keep in mind that most faceshields are not able to meet ANSI Z87.1-1989 requirements for impact protection. Thus, safety glasses are of utmost priority underneath a faceshield, still guarding the eyes from spark and slag that are able to enter beneath the faceshield.

Welding Helmets

Another important consideration is the efficiency of a welding helmet. There are certain models that come with extended neckpieces, protecting the face and eyes from flying sparks. Auto-darkening lenses are also incorporated in welding helmets, working well for people who are performing different welding applications who also need different shades of protection.

Welding helmets are also helpful in reducing the need for wearing derivative safety lenses underneath a face shield. An ANSI-compliant welding helmet is also prepared to block out the UV rays of the sun and infrared red rays as well; regardless if the helmet is on or off. The highly-recommended welding helmets should have the capacity of changing shades in milliseconds.

Anti-reflective Coating

Also known as AR coating, the anti-reflective coating can be added to a pair of welders sunglasses. This addition tends to reduce distracting lens reflections; thereby, making it desirable for specific activities that needs safety and protective eyewear. However, keep in mind that anti-reflective coating may contribute to the impact resistance ability of certain lenses. Therefore, an impact resistance test is necessary, prior to the application of AR coating. With this regard, seeking the advice of an eye care professional will verify the necessary application of AR coating, whether it will be helpful or otherwise.


In a nutshell, glasses for welding are essential parts of every welder’s arsenal, whether a professional or a weekend warrior. The selections of eye protective gears are not only crucial to private individuals, but also for all the employees who face the same task of welding on a daily basis. All employers should provide such level of protection to their employees, keeping them safe from harm’s way, while preventing costly work-related injuries.

After all, good safety glasses are also sensible investments, maximizing the levels of protection these gears provide, while enabling the operator to be more productive and maintaining healthy vision or eyesight all at the same time.

Reducing the risks of sight-threatening ailments and injuries is surely possible with the use of the best safety goggles or welding glasses, and these products are made available in this comprehensive buying guide, while all you have to do is to pick at least one of the featured products and you are properly geared to resume your craft.

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