How to Choose the Right Welding Glove for the Job?

The best welding gloves are the ones that are sturdy, flexible and heat resistant. You need to choose the ones that suit you depending on these factors and also the shape of the gloves. A pair of gloves can be useful for a project when it might not be the best fit for another. Most of the reputed gloves in the market will provide you utmost protection without sacrificing other factors.

The most renounced welding gloves at Baker’s Gas, and Welding is none other than the Tillman 1470 Truefit Performance Work Gloves and the Tillman 1490 Truefit Ultra Performance Work Gloves. Both of these two lines of welding gloves are made of goatskin and renowned for their comfort level and protection level. These are the ones best suited for TIG and MIG welding.

Even though it is critical to go for top-grain leather that comes from the top of the animal skin, there are a few other factors that enter into play here. The most important factors to keep in mind when getting welding gloves ranging for $7-$20 per pair are listed below:

Use Welding Gloves for Welding

Favorite welding gloves that are available in the market at this moment provide a comfortable fit and high-temperature resistance features. However, they are not supposed to be used to move heavy machinery which has a sharp edge or in any handymen projects in the garage or welding shops. You will get the most performance from welding gloves when they are used in their respective working environment.

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How to Choose Which Welding Gloves is Right for You?

The procedures to select the perfect gloves are as follows:

  • At first, you need to point out the hazards of the welding projects such as – shock, hot metal, flames, sharp/flying metals or arc rays.
  • Then, you need to ensure the proper fit of the welding gloves in your hands. The best fit for welding gloves are always the ones that are a bit loose in your hand. It is because you can take your gloves off quickly. Just in case some piece of hot metals gets into your gloves, and you can take them apart at ease.

There are 6 basic types of welding gloves. They are specially made for:

  • Stick Welding – The stick welding gloves are made of thick leather for maximum protection level.
  • MIG Welding – The MIG welding gloves are made of medium leather. They provide flexible usage that is needed for the welding job.
  • TIG Welding – The TIG welding gloves are made of thin leather to ensure the maximum level of flexibility depending on the welding project.
  • Driving Gloves – The Driving gloves can be made of various types of leather, which are used in general welding projects.
  • Leather Palm Gloves – The Leather Palm Gloves are mainly used for general welding projects. They are made of thin low-quality leather.
  • Ergonomic Gloves – The Ergonomic Gloves are made of various materials depending on the welding project.

Gloves for TIG Welding

The TIG welding gloves are popular due to their usage in precise welding projects. They are capable of consuming the highest level of heat. These gloves are made of thick goat skins, and they produce the least level of spatter. They are very flexible as well. You can pick up a coin while using them!

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The most popular and crucial feature of the TIG welding gloves is the fact that they are highly resistant to heats. A TIG glove lined with wool/cotton-foam will ensure the maximum level of projection compared to the ones lined with just cotton.

Gloves for MIG Welding

The MIG welding gloves are made of medium leather. Since MIG welding does not produce as much heat as TIG welding, heat resistance is not that much of an important factor here. They tend to create a medium level of heat and spatter. The Tillman gloves are the most popular in this category.

Just in case heat absorbance becomes a factor, a pliable yet thick glove with a thin lining can be very useful. You can look into top-grain cowhide, goatskin, deer hide as well. The top-grain deer leather is very comfortable and provides the extra advantage of molding by itself over time.

Gloves for Stick Welding

In the case of Stick welding, you can look into thick gloves that provide the highest level of heat and spatter protection. Since the Thick welding generates the highest degree of heat, a pair of stick gloves made from top-grain elk skin, pig skin, cow hide is highly recommended for this particular purpose.

When choosing your pair of welding gloves, we advise you to talk to an experienced welder before jumping into a decision. You will get some paramount information which you will need to choose your pair of welding gloves.

Many welders seek the highest level of comfort without sacrificing the protection features of the welding gloves. The “TIG finger” is recommended in this case by the experienced welders. They ensure the highest level of protection to your fingers up to the mark that is most exposed to heat.

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