Choosing the right Miller Welding Hood

The welding hoods are specifically designed to safeguard the user from a range of invisible and visible, UV rays which a welding arc emits. A best miller MIG welder always needs  to have a welding hood for better performance.

As you can imagine that the different manufacturers gives different value products to the users; similarly all the hoods manufactured are not equal. They are different with different specifications.

The Miller welding hood is the most suitable option as it has got all the specs which someone would look in a quality headgear.

miller welding hood

What are the Basic Requirements?

Apart from the major specifications and value added features, there are a number of basic demands which every quality manufacturer should assure in their products. The following is a list of those basic features which you must check before making such a purchase:

  • All the welding hoods must meet the ANSI Z87+ safety standard. It can only be attained by a manufacturer if their product passes the independent testing of their lens in terms of performance.
  • It must perform 100% infrared and UV rays filtering regardless of the setting of the shade.
  • It must adhere to the proclaimed switching speeds.
  • The darkness shades in terms of the temperature must wall in 23 to 131 Fahrenheit range. Higher the temperature, lesser will be the delaying in the LCD switching times.

The users are advised not to buy any product which doesn’t satisfy any of the above basic features. The Miller Welding Hood meets all the ANSI safety standards and all the basic requirements that your welding headgear should have.

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Passive VS Auto Darkening Lens:

The passive and auto darkening are the two major types of hoods that the users can choose from. The auto darkening is an advanced system with lots of useful features.

The passive is basic with limited needs and suitable for the novice users. It is cheap and doesn’t have too much of a flexibility which a pro welder would ideally be looking for. The passive use UV and IR coating in its tinted lens with a fixed shade value.

miller welding hood

The operator is required to move the lens again and again when he wants to make a strike with his welding gun as the lens due to its poor visibility doesn’t allow to see properly otherwise when the user is dealing with other related tasks.

The auto darkening helmet addresses this issue brilliantly with its advanced technique. The user doesn’t need to move the helmet while dealing with other related tasks as he can properly see through the helmet during his entire welding session. This is the versatility of the hood beside several other features. A Miller welding hood can be accessed in any of these two types as per the requirements and the budget of the user.

In order to get a top quality miller welding hood that offers exactly what you need, you should be considering to your needs and the benefits of the hood you are going to consider.

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