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Miller Bobcat 250 Diesel Welder
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  • Miller Bobcat 250 Diesel Welder
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Miller Bobcat 250 –Improved Way of Working

If you need a perfect welding machine, which also serves its purpose as a generator you will probably come across Miller Bobcat 250. This engine-driven welder represents the new series of Miller’s welders with improved features and upgraded performance.
In contrast to the Bobcat 225, Miller’s previous welding unit, Bobcat 250 has an entire new world of options and handy features which will probably help you decide to go for it and choose it to aid you in your welding project.
Bobcat 250 can be used for commercial and private tasks, because it has more powerful engine and unquestionable durability. This welder is applicable to construction sites, farms, fields, ranches and in all professions requiring repairs and maintenance services.

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Why you need a Miller bobcat 250?

Miller Bobcat 250 comes with an improved long-lasting engine and new upgraded features which will help you gain in increased productivity and acquire maximum proficiency.


Series: Bobcat 250

Rated Output AC: 250A/25V at duty cycle 60%

Rated Output DC: 250A/25V at duty cycle 100%

Amperage range: 40 to 250

Phase: 1

Continuous Power: 9500W

Peak Power: 11,000W

Processes: Stick, Flux-Cored, Mig, DC-Tig, Non-Critical AC Tig, Air Carbon Arc and Plasma Cutting. Great for: Stick and Flux-Cored welding

Noise Reduction


Miller’s previous version works great, but we should always aim for better, until we manage to reach the best. Driven with that spirit, Miller Bobcat is now quieter with up to 33% of sound reduction.
Noise pollution will no longer be your problem and as a great trait, you will be able to start working with the sun rising and end with it setting if you like, because your generator/welder won’t bother anyone. This feature will help you work in places such as business buildings, libraries and hospital, which is great for all the contractors working with repairing and maintenance services.

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Light-weighted Design

Bobcat 250 now has light-weighted design as compared  to its previous version. The latest version is up to 5 inches shorter and 55 pounds lighter and as such is extremely portable and easy to be carried around. That way, you can certainly work more safely on your work site having a light-weighted generator/welder, easy to be carried around. Its increased portability assures that Bobcat 250 can be moved safely even with welder cables attached. As an additional pro, you will be able to pack Bobcat 250 in your truck and still have extra space for other tools you need.             

Easily Maintained

Miller has come up with new solutions on how to put maintaining of Bobcat 250 welder at ease, so you will now be able to get “notes” when your welder/generator needs maintaining. With the help of displays on the front panels, you will be able to see when the time for your generator to be serviced comes.
This improvement is made possible thanks to the front panel, which is available and easily accessible for oil checks, panels that are made to make easy and fast access possible and fuel filler on the single side and installed oil filter. You will be able to perform easy and fast maintenance with your Miller Bobcat 250.

Better Performance

Thanks to high-quality optimized rotors, Bobcat can now run on clean power as it has no spikes unlike other types of welders/generators. With better power and clean energy, you will accordingly get better performance and smarter energy consumption.

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Extreme conditions

Miller Bobcat 250 generator/welder is designed and made of high-quality materials in order to obtain durability and long life even in the harshest conditions. It has lugged internal, Bobcat is more durable, guaranteed to have long life. The doors are especially made to increase safety and protect you from possible accidents at work, while the latest cooling technology will assure your engine’s long life and long-lasting durability of high standards. There is another built-in armor, designed to protect the generator/welder from accidental braking during the impacts on the work site, making it resistive and durable.

Superb Cooling System

Miller Bobcat 250 is using reversed airflow in order to assure more efficient operating. Instead of having the engine being rotated to the back, Bobcat 250 engine rotates to the front, so it has its airflow created far more efficiently, assuring long life for the engine itself. These features, the size as well as the noise of Miller Bobcat 250 is significantly reduced and brought to the minimal value. To make your gear work even better in your favor, you can add various accessories, having your welder complemented protective covers and additional filters.

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